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​10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Petal Toss | Flyboy Naturals

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals on

10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Petal Toss

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram you’ve probably seen a few of our “Petal Toss Tip Tuesday” posts! We wanted to combine them all into one central location for easy reference as you plan your wedding day petal toss.

Tip #1 - Put Someone in Charge

Tip #2 - Tell Your Guests What To Do

There are lots of ways to approach this, it can be a line added to the wedding program, a note on the petal cones, and a display near the open container of petals you have set out for people to grab or even a verbal announcement from the coordinator or ceremony official. Flyboy Naturals even offers custom petal cones with messages!

Here are some ideas for what to write:

When the newlyweds walk your way, toss the petals and shout Hooray!

After the big kiss, be ready for this.

The newlyweds will smile as they walk down the aisle. That is your cue to toss up in the air, rose petals of love for this very happy pair.

Kiss - Cheer - Toss

Toss for good luck as the bride and groom depart!

These pretty petals are for you to share. As the couple walks outside, toss them high in the air. Shower them with love, and give a big cheer.

The couple would like to ask for your help with this new wedding tradition. Wait outside for them to appear. And when that moment arrives, give them a grand cheer. Toss these rose petals far above & shower the happy couple with all of your love.

Toss into the air & sprinkle around to shower the happy couple so that fun will abound.

When [bride] and [groom] exit with flair, please lovingly toss your petals high in the air!

Tip #3 - Ask Permission First

Tip #4 - Coordinate With Your Photographer

Tip #5 - Calculate How Much You Need

Flyboy Naturals provides a number of resources to help you calculate how many you petals you will need, not just for the toss but for the entire wedding day. Check out our FAQ page here for a simple guide to your various needs.

We also have the Flyboy Naturals Petal Coverage Guide, shown below and available in a larger size on our website, this guide can help you visualize various styles of coverage and help you calculate your wedding petal needs. We are here to help too, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are feeling uncertain about what you need; after all we’ve been doing wedding petals for over 20 years now!

Tip #6 - Contrast Your Colors

Tip #7 - Throw Them High

We’ve also seen creative ideas where the bridal party will stand on a balcony and shower the bride and groom below with petals. Or the bride and groom shower their guests with petals as they drift away in a hot air balloon. Also, be sure to check out our new petal poppers that will help you really get your petals in the air.

Staircase Photo Credit: http://www.jjchenphotography.com/

Tip #8 - Check with the Venue About Clean Up Rules

Tip #9 - Keep it Eco-Friendly

Going green is easy with Flyboy Naturals eco-friendly, freeze-dried petals. We use wind energy for the processing of our freeze dried products through participation in Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Wind Power renewable energy program. We also participate in Eden’s Natural Choice, a certified green pest-control program, designed to control unwanted insects and pests while reducing the impact on the environment. Our petals are a product of the earth and can easily be returned to the soil through composting or reused and repurposed. Most venues have yard waste barrels and can dispose of in a community yard waste program for you. For ideas on how to reuse your petals see our two part blog post full of ideas here and here. We are proud to be a featured vendor of the Green Bride Guide!

Tip #10 - Don’t Forget to Smile

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