Brides on a Budget / Discounted Imperfect Petals

Brides on a Budget Rose Petals & Blends, Discounted Imperfect Petals. Grown in the USA!  Wedding Decorations. Flower Confetti. Petal Confetti. Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.

Our Brides on a Budget|Imperfect Petals are made from real Rose Petals, Peony Petals, Lilac Petals or Hydrangea Petals.  Our Brides on a Budget Petals are slightly imperfect...maybe slightly off color, faded, small spots or slightly misshaped. Not all of the "BB" petals in the package are imperfect. Our real flower petals are terrific for your guests to toss after you are pronounced Husband & Wife...also a wonderful way to create a garden path. You may choose to mound lavish amounts of petals to adorn your may use them down the sides of your aisle with candles or lanterns or to create a unique pattern or design in the center of your aisle.  You may even decide to cover the entire runner with petals...Talk about an awesome photo for your album!  They are a big bang for your can always "top" them with premium quality if you want lavish coverage & highest quality!   

For a special celebration you may opt a rose petal release on the water or from the air!  Our brides on a budget petals are ideal for any occasion where you want a volume of rose petals or flower petals at a discount price...our brides on a buget petals are super affordable...a terrific option for a BIG Impact with a small investment!  

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014 Winner of Couples Choice Award!  2013 & 2012 Winner of  Brides Choice Award.  Sure the awards are want to know what's even better?   Our customers...yep, we have the best customers ever and we appreciate each of you!!!

We look forward to helping you make your wedding or special event everything you’ve imagined.