Rose Petal Blends

  • New! Easy Spirit Rose Petals 7.20.2022 Easy Spirit Real Rose Petals

    Easy Spirit Real Rose Petals



    Easy Spirit Real Rose Petals. Freeze-Dried Rose Petals. Wedding Petals. Flower Girl Petals. Wedding Decoration. Craft Supplies.GROWN IN THE USA! Wedding Rose Petals. Creamy Wedding Petals currently with some blush petalsOur roses are carefully harvested...

  • New! Berry Beautiful Blend.  Named by our awesome followers on Facebook August 8th, 2016 Berry Beautiful Blend Rose Petals

    Berry Beautiful Blend Rose Petals



    Thanks to all of our Facebook friends that helped us name this beautiful new blend. This blend combines some of our favorite pinks and our rich royal purples resulting in a playful palette that reminds us of sweet ripe berries!  Don't you love the...

  • Coastal Sunrise Blend  new 3.29.2016

    Coastal Sunrise Blend



    This special blend takes us back to our favorite evenings at the seashore. The soft blues and greens of the water reflecting the bolder yellows and pinks of the setting sun all wrapped up to provide a sandy coastal vibe. NEW Coastal Sunrise Blend...

  • Amethyst Cream

    Amethyst Cream



    Thank you to all of our social media fans & followers we loved all the suggestions coming up with the name of this stunning blend of eco-friendly rose petals.  We are proud to introduce our new blend of rose petals Amethyst Cream.   This...

  • Allan's Sunshine

    Allan's Sunshine



    This is a custom blend of green hydrangea petals and yellow rose petals created for a very special man by the name of Allan. He was a husband ...father... grandfather ....firefighter & a huge Oregon Ducks fan...he was well loved in our community .....

  • Shabby Chic blend of Eco-friendly rose petals. New blend for November 2014! Shabby Chic rose petal blend is wonderful for weddings and every special event...Just look how much fun it adds to this photo!

    Shabby Chic Rose Petal Blend - Fragrant petals



    Shabby Chic | Rustic Romance is our brand new rose petal blend...Talk about a stunning blend of eco-friendly freeze dried rose petals!  Wedding Petals. Rose Petals. Flower Petals. Wedding Confetti. Flower Confetti. Real Flower Petals. Proposal...

  • Sunset Blend Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals

    Flyboy Naturals

    Sunset Blend Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals

    $42.25 - $538.25


    Sunset Blend Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals...medium to large size rose petals make up this gorgeous blend.A Stunning blend of colorful rose petals for Weddings, for your guests to toss when you walk back down the aisle & decorating the sides of...

Freeze Dried Rose Petals and Rose Petal Blends. Grown in the USA! 

Wedding Decorations. Flower Confetti. Petal Confetti. Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.

Our all natural, real rose petals offer you a solution to the problems you may face when choosing fresh flower petals. With our preserved petals you can order well in advance of your date and be confident your rose petals will be stunning.  They look like fresh petals.  They have all of the beauty of fresh & none of the problems.  

 You'll have no need to worry about ordering fresh petals at the last minute.  No stressing over IF your petals will arrive on time or "at the very last minute".  No stress about what condition they will be in once they do arrive...No concerns about them turning brown, being bruised, moldy or damaged. Best of all NO need for refrigeration!!!  They will NOT stain, the are not slippery (under normal conditions )  Big bonus...they are bio-degradable!

Flyboy Naturals Freeze-dried Petals are REAL petals without any of the hassles. What could be better than that?

Our freeze dried rose petal blends are stunning.  They are perfect for Weddings and special events.  Our Rose Petal blends are created by selectively harvesting various colors of roses at the peak of perfection.  The rose petals are removed and then we carefully place rose petals in freeze dry machines to preserve the color, shape and size. Ideal for Wedding guest tossing, flower girl baskets, aisles and more. Romance Rose Petals. Wedding Petals. Party Petals. Real rose petals! 

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014 Winner of Couples Choice Award!  2013 & 2012 Winner of  Brides Choice Award.  Sure the awards are want to know what's even better?   Our customers...yep, we have the best customers ever and we appreciate each of you!!!

We look forward to helping you make your wedding or special event everything you’ve imagined.