Rose Petals

All Natural & Preserved, Real Rose Petals which are Freeze-Dried. Grown in the USA! 

Wedding Decorations. Flower Confetti. Petal Confetti. Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.


Okay, so here's the scoop.  This is serious now so pay close attention.

Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals specializes in eco-friendly, freeze dried petals for Weddings & Special Events…offering over 100 colors of absolutely beautiful, non-staining, not slippery & bio-degradable rose, hydrangea, peony & lilac petals. We do not use chemicals or dyes on our roses…we grow them 100% natural specifically to make petals…they are not a bi-product.  They have terrific longevity... when stored properly they can last for many months or more.  Simply store your petals in a cool, dry and dark space until you are ready to use.

Flyboy Naturals petals are the preferred choice of thousands, millions, billions of brides & grooms, romantics, venues, florists, hotels and spas, historical venues, photographers and event specialists...Okay, maybe not Billions. LOL   Our pretty petals  are non staining, not slippery.  Super duper quick & easy to use, convenient and will instantly transforming any space.  Who wouldn't want that?

Our freeze dried rose petals are created by selectively hand harvesting roses one by one at the peak of perfection at our farm in Oregon.  All rose petals are carefully removed by hand by our awesome crew of "petal pluckers". We gently place the rose petals in freeze dry machines...The process of freeze drying ensures the color; shape and size of each rose petal are preserved. Our rose petals are the preferred choice of brides, florists, venues & event planners as they are non-staining, not slippery, all natural and Eco-friendly rose petals. We are very proud to have absolutely the best quality of breathtaking rose petals along with our award winning customer service. Over 100 colors of lovely real rose petals to choose from...whichever color you choose be assured that they are perfect for romantic evenings, proposals, engagement parties, weddings, honeymoon, birthday & anniversary parties, for massage & foot soaks and even for Celebration of Life events!  We welcome the opportunity to share with you our Award Winning Service & excellent swoon worthy rose petals!  Wedding Petals. Romance Petals. Rose Petals for every occasion!

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014 Winner of Couples Choice Award!  2013 & 2012 Winner of  Brides Choice Award.  Sure the awards are want to know what's even better?   Our customers...yep, we have the best customers ever and we appreciate each of you!!!

We look forward to helping you make your wedding or special event everything you’ve imagined, and more. 


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