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What our Customers Say

Petals galore! Most searches for flower petals turn up synthetic petals, but we needed natural ones for the flower girl to toss at our farm wedding. Flyboy has a range of color and price options, and lots of informative detail about how many petals you might need for what you're trying to use them for. Shipping was quick and easy after ordering. Highly recommend ordering from them!."
Patty Liao , married on 10/27/2018
Reviewed on 11/27/2018

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​5 Reasons To Choose Freeze-dried, Eco-friendly Rose Petals As Your Main Choice For Your Wedding Flowers

Posted by Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals on

Freeze-dried rose petals offer a unique and beautiful solution that is both sustainable and timeless. 

Wedding flowers are a timeless and important aspect of every couple's special day. With the recent rise in environmental awareness, more and more brides and grooms are looking for eco-friendly options for their wedding decor. 

         Bridal White - Ivory Rose Petals                                       Easy Spirit Rose Petals

Long-lasting beauty: Freeze-dried rose petals are dried and preserved in a way that retains their natural beauty and color. Unlike fresh flowers that wilt and die within a few days, freeze-dried rose petals can last for many months or even years when stored properly. This means that they can be used as a cherished keepsake long after the wedding day is over.

Eco-friendly: Freeze-dried rose petals are a more sustainable choice compared to fresh flowers. Fresh flowers often require large amounts of water, pesticides, and fertilizers to grow.  Flyboy Naturals freeze-dried rose petals are grown in Oregon on our family farm. Using a process that uses minimal resources and does not require any harsh chemicals.

Versatile: Freeze-dried rose petals can be used in a variety of ways for your wedding. They can be scattered on tables, sprinkled on the aisle, used to decorate the wedding cake and centerpieces, for a biodegradable grand exit toss. The possibilities are endless, and the petals can be used to add a touch of elegance to any aspect of your wedding.

Budget-friendly: Fresh flowers can be incredibly expensive, especially when purchased in large quantities for a wedding. Freeze-dried rose petals offer a much more cost-effective solution. They can be purchased in bulk, which can help keep costs down, and they can be used multiple times, making them a great investment.

Allergen-free: Some people have allergies to fresh flowers, which can make them an unpleasant addition to any event. Freeze-dried rose petals are allergen-free for most people, making them a great choice.

                                          Falling In Love Rose Petals

                                    Romantic Bridal Red Rose Petals

In conclusion, choosing freeze-dried, eco-friendly rose petals for your wedding flowers offers a timeless and beautiful solution that is also sustainable and budget-friendly. With their long-lasting beauty, versatility, eco-friendliness, and allergen-free nature, there are many reasons why Flyboy Naturals freeze-dried rose petals should be your main choice for your wedding flowers. Grown in Oregon, USA

Rose Petals for Weddings and Special Celebrations

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Real Wedding Emily & Chloe March 27, 2022

Real Wedding Emily & Chloe March 27, 2022"Gorgeous petals and FAST delivery! These smelled great. When I was nervous before my ceremony I took some big whiffs and it was very calming."Hi Emily, I LOVE what you said about your petals and how you were nervous and took a few sniffs and it calmed you [...]

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A Positive & Life Changing New Adventure During the Covid-19 Shelter in Place

We are very excited to help introduce our customers brand new business.  Jaime started her new business just last month March 2020 during Covid-19...How Cool is that?  Talk about doing something really positive, inspiring & life changing during a challenging time. We are thrilled for Jaime!   Her lovely business and product is: Honeybloom Cosmetic’s "Rosewater Facial [...]

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Intimate Covid-19 Wedding

We are so pleased to share JOY with you, especially during this Coronavirus, Covid-19  Stay Home, Stay Safe, Social Distancing we all find ourselves experiencing.  How fantastic...such a stunning couple & parents. Intimate, very special blissful day! We are honored to have been part of creating this special memory with our petals. Congratulations to these sweet [...]

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Newlywed Photos...Congratulations to Brenna & Darrel!

Look at this gorgeous couple...it is such a beautiful photo of these Newlyweds! We thought it would be fun to share with you, especially during this time while everyone is home and social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. We would love to feature photos from all of our couples and how you used your petals. The [...]

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​Thrilled to Announce Flyboy Naturals receives 2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®

2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals Named Winner in 2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® Myrtle Creek, January 15, 2020. Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals was announced a winner of the 2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®, an accolade representing the top wedding professionals across the board in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism reviewed by couples on WeddingWire. A [...]

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​10 Wedding Decoration Ideas You Didn’t Know You’d Love

From classic ivory calla lily bouquets carried down the aisle by blushing brides and bountiful blooms of  lavender hydrangeas towering above guests as they sip champagne, to elegant and soft rose petals lending pops of color to artfully designed tablescapes and bold bohemian bridal crowns made of vividly hued wildflowers, florals have long been an exquisite element of [...]

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We have the best customers ever!

We have the best customers ever. We are grateful to each of you, thank you!  A glimpse into several experiences with their wedding petals from Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals.  One of the best things is our petals are eco-friendly. A big bonus is...they are safe used outdoors also.  Beautiful, reasonably priced, no stress!  5 Stars"Beautiful petals, cheaper than I [...]

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