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​5 Fun Ways to Preserve, Reuse & Repurpose Your Wedding Petals

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals on

Here at Flyboy Naturals we specialize in eco-friendly, freeze dried petals for weddings and special events, but what do you do when the event is over? We’re proud to say that our petals are bio-degradable, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them in the compost pile (although if you do need to toss them please consider compost or your yard waste bin)!

Read on for some neat ways to preserve, reuse, repurpose and generally commemorate your special wedding petals. The best part is, because they are already freeze dried, you don’t need to do anything more to them, just get straight to playing:

1. FILL A SHADOW BOX - Check out these neat ways to treasure your petals and other wedding memories for years to come! The possibilities are endless, add photos, wine corks, wedding invitations, and notes from loved ones then, bring it all together with your beautiful wedding petals!

2. REUSE FOR A SPECIAL EVENT - Flyboy Naturals’ freeze dried petals can last a long time if you store them in a cool, dark location. Surprise your special someone by bringing them back out just in time to celebrate your anniversary! Now that’s a special touch to a milestone day together! Of course they’d also be great for Valentine’s Day, a Birthday, maybe even in a photo shoot for the announcement of your first child! If you missed last weeks blog all about using petals for special romantic occasions be sure to check it out here: http://flyboynaturals.com/blog/7-ways-to-wow-your...

3. MAKE ORNAMENTS - You can easily create these as gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen and for your family and close friends! Don’t forget to save one for your own tree! Or, instead of saving them just for the winter holidays, hang them on a mantel or knob in your home year-round to commemorate your special day!

4. GET CRAFTY! - Similar to the shadow box idea, use your freeze-dried wedding petals to create a unique piece of art that you can hang in your home forever. Perhaps you spell our your initials, write your last name, draw a heart, preserve them on a beverage tray with a clear resin… there are so many unique ways to turn your wedding petals into art!

5. SCENTED SACHETS - Preserve some of your petals in a rose sachet. There are simple ways to do this by filling premade sachet bags, or you can crochet or sew together a custom design. This would be a neat place to incorporate some other wedding materials like a garter belt, the grooms tie, the material wrapped around the bridal bouquet, materials and lace from wedding decorations. Try adding a few drops of essential oils or mixing in dried herbs like Lavender.

I should probably call this blog part one in a series of fun ways to preserve your wedding petals, because as I write this I’m already coming up with so many more ideas – stay tuned for me creative ideas!

Flyboy Naturals petals are real and look like fresh petals because of our freeze-drying process. They last much longer than fresh petals! Gradually over time some of the petals may lighten in color or fade slightly…taking on a more vintage charm. Do not refrigerate or freeze them. Avoid damp areas like a basement or garage.  To ensure the longest life of your treasured keepsakes keep them out of direct sunlight and store or display in cooler areas of your home or office.

Have you preserved, reused or repurposed your Flyboy Petals? We’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures, please share in the comments below or email them directly to jami@flyboynaturals.com and we could feature your work in a future blog!

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