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​Wine, Weddings & Rose Petals

Wine, Weddings & Rose Petals

My best friend is getting married this week! She arrived into town yesterday and we have been working like a couple of crazy women to process all her wedding flowers. That’s right, she’s DIY’ing all of her wedding flowers. Her fiancé even built their wedding tables. Read that again…. B-U-I-L-T their wedding tables! There’s some amazing DIY going into this wedding and I’m excited to be a part of it. My kitchen, living room, and dining room are full of buckets of flowers just waiting to be worked into magical centerpieces and bouquets (sneak peek at the end of this blog). And that leads me to the wine. You see a week full of wedding preparation is best approached with the perfect glass of wine, wouldn’t you agree?

When we finally paused from the flower processing late last evening and began the pie-box-folding project (more on that later) it was time to sip some wine and think about all things weddings. Needless-to-say, I let the wine do the talking, and here we are with some amazing wedding, wine and rose petal mashups for your enjoyment!

First up is Champagne! This popular bubbly is typically brought out for the toast. Make it extra special by floating any of our smaller petite rose petals on top, our pretty pink Lydia Petite Rose Petals would work perfectly or try just a single petal of one of our larger varieties like our Ole Red Rose Petals:

Champagne can be much more than just the choice beverage for toasting. White, Champagne and Gold are popular color pairs for elegant and romantic weddings:

Image Credits clockwise from top left: TheKnot, DHGate, New Jersey Bride, Zest Floral

Next up, let’s look at some wine themed guest gifts. We just love these custom stemless wine glasses from Beau Coup, or gift a mini bottle of wine with a custom label from Paper and Lace, a copper wine bottle stopper like this one by HotRef, or keep things simple and sweet and let their wine glass for the night be their gift to take home as shown in this Lowcountry Wedding. The wine glasses can also double as your escort cards by tying a name tag with table number to each stem or writing names and table numbers directly on the glass.

Image Credits from Left: Deer Pearl Flowers, Junebug Weddings

Another option is to take the deep, rich, red wine colors such as burgundy, marsala, and garnet and weave these into your wedding day. These colors add depth, warmth, and beauty. Shown below we have the handsomely fitted modern navy Mohair suit with a rich burgundy tie, elegant gold and burgundy invitations by Heart of Opal, an adorable flower girl in a matte yellow dress tied back with a large burgundy bow from Woodward and Rick Photographers and our deep-burgundy-wine colored rose petals Glad Tidings:

If you prefer the slightly more purple tones often seen on the younger, still developing grapes, then you’ll likely enjoy this deep purple and golden mustard wedding aisle from Scheme Events or the lighter purple curtains paired with deep burgundy in this Be Inspired PR Photo Shoot, to achieve this look use our elegant Ebb Tide Freeze Dried Rose Petals that provide an incredible deep purple tone not often found in nature:

Bring on the barrels! Wine barrels add height and character all around the wedding. Use them to feature a beautiful bouquet and entryway to your wedding aisle, and they pair perfectly with rose petals as shown here:

Photo Credit from Left: Restoration Hardware, Style Me Pretty Vault & One Eleven Photography

You can also place the wine barrels at the other end of the aisle as altar decor as seen here:

Photo Credit: Southern Weddings

Photo Credit from Left: BridalMusings & Unknown

Weddings, wine and rose petals, I think we are on to a perfect theme here! What do you think? And before I go, here’s a sneak peak of the current DIY wedding flower craziness going on over here right now, we’re up to 21 buckets full of flowers and greenery and I still have boxes stacked in the kitchen waiting to be cut!

Wish us luck as we get back to that, and don’t forget our Pin-to-Win Contest continues through October 17th, 2016! Find all the information you need and enter HERE!

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals on 28th Sep 2016