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Petals galore! Most searches for flower petals turn up synthetic petals, but we needed natural ones for the flower girl to toss at our farm wedding. Flyboy has a range of color and price options, and lots of informative detail about how many petals you might need for what you're trying to use them for. Shipping was quick and easy after ordering. Highly recommend ordering from them!."
Patty Liao , married on 10/27/2018
Reviewed on 11/27/2018

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​10 Petal Blends for 10 Destination Locales (Part 1)

Posted by Sarah Johnson | Flyboy Naturals on

10 Petal Blends for 10 Destination Locales (Part 1)

Ah, the sweet serenity of nature. From the stark alpine tundra, covered in an eternal snowy gown, to the auspicious, never-ending wave breaking the ocean horizon, the world beyond our doorsteps hums with grandeur, wonder, and possibility. Walking in nature fills the soul, wherever you may be. Thus, it’s no surprise that destination weddings, as well as increasingly popular elopements, focus on creating a beautiful celebration of love, with some of the most glorious backdrops across the world.

Bridge over Siberia.  Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Taipei, Taiwan.  Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Abu Dhabi, UAE.   Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Cancun, Mexico.   Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Mission Beach, Australia.  Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Since we freeze-dry our petals, where you’re getting married isn’t an issue. Our petals can withstand many climates allowing for a simple, yet elegant touch to the already outstanding nature surrounding you.

And yes, the only reason I’m writing this blog is so that all of you send us beautiful pictures of our rose petals decorating a thousand different locals and bringing smiles to a thousand different places.

So, in honor of that mission, we’ve collected ten of our favorite locations in the world for eloping and destination weddings. We carefully analyzed the colors and scenery of each area, and chose the ten petal blends that best compliment these locations, as well as others like them.

While these choices may not be perfect, due to weather changes, time changes seasonal changes, as well as color palettes for specific events, we kept our petal choices as close as possible to the character of these popular places across the world. Enjoy the beauty of these incredible places, and be inspired to create something absolutely magical by including our all natural, Eco-friendly & biodegradable flower petals in them!

10. Connor Pass, Ireland

Located on the Dingle Peninsula on the western shores of Ireland, Connor Pass offers a spectacular monument to the most ethereal of wilds. This pass straddles Ireland’s tallest peaks, twisting and turning over the land to connect the town of Dingle to Brandon Bar on the northern end of the peninsula.

Connor Pass Roads.  Photo Credit: Mark Romine Photography

Connor Pass View.   Photo Credit: Lovin Dublin

Happy Couple Over Connor Pass Lake.    Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings

Newlyweds atop Connor Pass.   Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings

The pass naturally radiates with airy, celestial poise. The vibrant, saturated green of the landscape resonate with life as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by high corrie lakes. White mist tenaciously decorates the skies, tenderly touching the horizon with natural elegance and grace. The pass feels mystical, like fairies and monsters from ancient myths thrive behind every corner. Connor Pass offers a quiet beauty for weddings, but also one that’s provocatively sublime.

The best freeze-dried petals to compliment the rolling hills and crystal lakes focus on the gorgeous, crisp color palette of the pass is our Irish Blend of Rose & Hydrangea Petals. 

 Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Instead of adding in new colors to distract from the world around, Irish Blend Petals enhance what’s already spectacular. Delicate, star-shaped hydrangea petals reminisce about the splendid mountains, while soft white rose petals embellish the blend just as the overcast mist caresses the pass. Irish Blend Petals accent the serene, and adds to the magnificent.

9. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, a crescent-shaped island off the southwestern tip of mainland Greece, rests as a haven of pleasure and romance. The Aegean Sea borders the Greek isle with a constant horizon of twinkling turquoise. High volcanic cliffs dramatically drop off into the ocean, and the sky stretches on forever in every which way. Its warm, quaint location brings an intimate, deeply romantic sensory experience.

Santorini Cliffside  Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Santorini Couple   Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Santorini Petals   Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Santorini Wedding Dinner   Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Whitewashed buildings starkly contrast the russet cliff sides, with only electric blue church roofs to break the pristine cityscape. Salty oceanic air has faded painted doors all over the cities into rustic, dusty blue antiques. Santorini sings a constant serenade to the open skies above, making it a heavenly destination for weddings and celebrations.

Though white-and-blue rose petals would accent the colors and pristine ambiance of Santorini, such bright colors deserve rich contrast.

Cha Cha Blend    Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Cha Cha Blend Petals add a spark of sensual passion to the whitewashed island. A combination of brilliant yellows, rosy reds, and supple pinks, this blend turns scenery into a scene. White walls start to look like pale cheeks; while falling rose petals create a blushing effect against the blanched stonewalls. It’s intimate; it’s sexy; it’s the perfect addition to a perfect wedding scene.

8. Portage Lake, Alaska

An hour southeast of Anchorage, nestled quietly in Chugach National Forest, Portage Lake acts as a tribute to the last wilds left in the world. The Cook Inlet flushes water from the Gulf of Alaska into the northern mouth of the lake. High-reaching peaks cradle the lake, carved out by the ancient Portage Glacier. Best of all, the glacier still lingers at the end of the southern tip of the lake, making for a profound, transcendent location for a destination wedding.

Mountains at Lake   Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

Lake and Lovers  Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

Bride at the Lake    Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

Glacier  Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

Couple Under the Glacier.  Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

But it’s not just the beauty and picturesque scenery that attracts couples to Portage Lake. Lullabied by the musical waves of the lake caressing the shoreline and stared down by towering mountains and glaciers more eternal than humankind itself, marriage becomes visceral and boundless. The landscape is immortal, and lends its everlasting grandeur to the event. Its ancient stature is sobering, emotional, and intimate.

Petals “add” to the scene with contrast or color; they act as striking accents to the environment.

Bridal White/Ivory Petals.  Photo Source: Flyboy Naturals

The soft white coloration of Bridal White Ivory Rose Petals isn’t anything new to the landscape; however, that’s exactly what it needs. Ivory white reflects the purity and quiet serenity of the lake and the glacier perfectly.

However, the biggest appeal of Ivory white petals?

The sheer magnificence of black-and-white photographs in Alaska.

Made famous by photographer Ansel Adams, the best photographers have awed with images of America’s last frontier.

Black and White Mountain.  Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

Black and White Couple.  Photo Source: Jess Hunter Photo

White petals help add to the drama, as well as the humbleness and intimacy, of a Portage Lake event. Its grace speaks volumes, subtly reminding of the transcendent world around.

7. Redwood National Park, California

Over half of the western coastline features gorgeous redwoods trying to touch the sky; however, only in the very tip-top corner of California, near towns like Orick and Eureka, giant redwoods thrive as the oldest, largest living beings on the planet. Ranging from ambitious, 100-foot youngsters to a towering 379 feet (keep in mind, the Statue of Liberty is approximately 305 feet tall), these trees need no explanation. They create one of the most beautiful forests in the world.

Redwood Grove. Photo Source: National Park Service

Blissful Couple in the Redwoods. Photo Source: June Bug Weddings

Redwood Trunk with Newlyweds. Photo Source: June Bug Weddings

Newlyweds Dancing in the Redwood Forest.  Photo Source: June Bug Weddings

Pine needles and ferns cover the ground, their complete dominance only interrupted by the colorful blossoms of purple-white azaleas and orange Columbia Lilies. A fresh morning mist leaves dewdrops on the thick greenery spread across the forest floor. Russet red bark richly illuminates the grove. The canopy is a quilt of green-and-blue, with leaves blotting out much of the sky above. The Pacific coast is barely a mile away, and the air is thick with salt.

The redwoods are vibrant and alive, filled with sound and color. A whimsical, colorful blend seamlessly captures the overwhelming sensations of this timeless forest.'

Assorted Flower Petal Blend. Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Our Assorted Flower Petal Blend emphasizes a magical vibe, full of different types of rose, peony, hydrangea, and lilac petals. Blossoming with color and intricately textured, the variety of petals creates a blissful, invigorating blend. The eclectic colors reflect the vibrancy of the surrounding forest, making a beautiful, sensory experience.

6. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The vast Arizona desert lies when you look at it; as dead and lifeless as the world seems in every direction, hidden treasures like Antelope Canyon manage to create one of the most spectacular environments in the world. The slot canyon is actually not that remote; Page, a tourist city in the far northern Arizona-Utah border, is only 15 minutes away. Lake Powell, one of the most visited Arizona lakes, sits just over 20 minutes away.

Antelope Canyon Shot.  Photo Source: June Bug Weddings

Antelope Canyon Lovers Silhouette. Photo Source: June Bug Weddings

Antelope Canyon Newlyweds Dancing. Photo Source: The Wedding Scoop

Stunning Bride in Antelope Canyon. Photo Source: The Wedding Scoop

The canyon twists and turns narrowly like a creek, which makes sense considering intense flash floods during vicious desert thunderstorms carved the canyon over the course of thousands of years. The sandstone is worn smooth, except for wavy curves in the rock that flow like a still water current. Rich red rock rises for 120 feet overhead. The thin canyon is filled with rocks like natural jigsaw pieces, barely separated by gradual erosion. Best of all, sunlight streaks down into the canyon, creating stunning displays of purples, reds, and yellows on the red rock. It’s all the spectacle of a sunset, close-up and intimately illuminating the world around you.

Thus, for the rich colors imposing remarkably around every corner, an equally striking, colorful, sunset-inspired blend is necessary.

Romantic Rendezvous Petal Blend. Photo Source: Flyboy Naturals

Our Romantic Rendezvous Petal Blend captures the sunset-gradient perfect for Antelope Canyon. Instead of being thick with reds and oranges, the primary color is a deep purple, like the brazen purple illumination of the canyon. Lighter purple, as well as small amounts of red and orange, complete perfect kaleidoscopic blend. The texture of soft rose petals contrasts gorgeously against the sandstone walls as well. The romantic mix adorns the red rock majestically. Pigments and shades correspond, making the scene even more powerful and beautiful.

Readers, return next week for the second half of this list, and five more fabulous destinations with just the right petals to match!

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