How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home

How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home

How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home

There’s nothing quite as calming as a flickering scented candle. These aromatherapeutic home accessories are beautiful to look at, and they create a beautiful aroma that fills your home while creating a relaxing vibe. Whether you want to celebrate the holiday season with scented candles, or you love to use fragrance to help with relaxation, you can make your very own scented candles right in the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about making scented candles at home and how you can enjoy them in every room.

The Benefits of Having Candles

Candles have initially been a useful object used to provide light for humans during the nighttime hours. The use of candles can be traced back as far as 5,000 years ago or more. Today, there are many benefits to having candles in your home, including:

  • Ambiance: A flickering candle can create a cozy and soothing atmosphere. They’re a perfect home accessory to add a Zen-like vibe to your home and can make any space feel calm and tranquil.
  • Beautiful décor: Candles come in various colors and styles, making them excellent decoration for any room of the home. Place some candles on a bookshelf in your living room or on the bathroom counter to give your home a stylish boost.
  • Celebration: Whether it’s the winter season or a birthday, candles can add a fun touch to any festivity. They’re a symbol of celebration and can bring extra joy to any event or holiday.
  • Mood-Lifting: Scented candles can have a profoundly positive effect on your mood. Whether it’s a beautiful scent of lavender or uplifting citrus, the best candles have a scent that can make you feel happier or more relaxed.

How to Get Started Making Candles at Home

If you’re thinking of making your own DIY scented candles, it’s easy to get started with the right materials and techniques. You can tweak your candle to be in a strong or mild fragrance, and you can even add your very own color for the perfect decoration. With some practice, you can make custom candles and give them as gifts, decorate your space, or just enjoy the beautiful aroma they produce.

Materials You’ll Need

If you’re ready to get started making custom candles, there are a few things you will need to have on-hand before you begin. You can find many candle-making supplies online or at your local craft store. Some items can also be purchased at general merchandise stores too. Use this list to help you gather everything you need before you get started:

  • Wax: The foundation of any candle is the wax, and you can find it in a few different forms:
  • Paraffin is the most traditional type of candle wax, and it’s also the most affordable. Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct, which means it’s not completely natural. However, paraffin wax has been used in candle-making for centuries and is still the most popular option today.
  • Soy is an up-and-coming wax for candles that is derived from soybean oil. You can also find soy wax blended with other waxes like beeswax or palm. A perk to using soy wax is that it blends well with a variety of fragrances and colors.
  • Beeswax is a product of bees that’s harvested during the honey-making process and has a beautiful golden color. This wax already has a slightly sweet scent, making it a bit more difficult to add custom fragrances to your candle. The organic nature of beeswax makes it a great option, although it may be more expensive than paraffin or soy.
  • Wicks: You’ll need a wick in order to use your candle, and you can find them in a variety of different styles. Some wicks come “pre-tabbed,” which means they have a pre-cut length with a metal base at the bottom for easy insertion. Other candle wicks come in longer lengths that you cut to your custom specifications. Wicks typically come pre-waxed, but you can also find them “raw” which simply means they don’t have a coating applied.
  • Containers: When it comes to your DIY scented candles and how they look, you can pour the wax into almost any type of container available. Avoid using plastic and stick with containers made of metal, glass, or ceramic instead. Mason jars make a perfect candle container, and you can also use a coffee mug, planter, or any other vessel that adds a beautiful look to your creation.
  • Accessories: You’ll need to gather a few additions to help you make your DIY candles. Use a double boiler to melt your wax safely in the kitchen on the stovetop. A thermometer will help you take the wax’s temperature and determine how warm it is as you add your fragrance to it or pour it into your container. A spatula or a large spoon is another handy tool that will help you stir the wax and break up any oversized chunks of wax that are lingering behind. An apron is another excellent accessory that will protect your clothing from wax if it splatters while you stir and melt it.

Adding Scent

Once you have all of your candle-making supplies together, you can decide which scents you’d like to use. Candle fragrances can be festive, calming, or floral depending on your mood and the type of candle you want to make. Essential oils are an excellent way to add powerful, long-lasting fragrance to your candle. Add the oil to your wax when it’s melted, and make sure you add the appropriate amount depending on the type of wax you use. If the wax doesn’t come with instructions to add the oil, a good rule of thumb is to add one ounce of essential oil per one pound of wax. Stir the essential oil into the melted wax and do this for about 30 seconds until it’s thoroughly mixed into the wax.

If you want a more specific scent, you can use specially formulated candle fragrances. These products come in liquid form and can be added to your melted wax in your desired strength. You can also mix and match different formulas or scents together to create your very own custom smell such as food scented candles. Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid mixing two different brands to ensure that your scented candle comes out perfectly.

Adding Color

To create a colorful candle, you’ll need to add some dye chips to your wax while it’s still melted. These handy candle-making supplies can be found at most craft stores and online, and they come in a rainbow of hues. Choose a dark red or green color for Christmas candles, and try a rich orange or rusty red when making Halloween candles or fall scented candles. You can find candle dye chips in every color imaginable, so have some fun with it and make your candles unique to match the season or your decorating style. If you can’t find dye chips, you can use crayons. Chop up about 12 to 15 crayons for each candle you make and add them to the wax as you stir thoroughly for even coloring. Again, make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using each product.

Decorating Your Candle

Your handmade scented candle can be even more fun with a little bit of decoration. Add some glitter to your wax to give your candle a sparkly, shiny touch. Press some dried fruit slices or flower petals such as natural rose petals, against the inside of your Mason jar before you pour the wax in to create a romantic, beautiful touch. Pour the candle into a shaped container to create a beautiful and unique decoration. You can even add a “surprise” to the candle like a piece of jewelry that reveals itself when the candle reaches the bottom.

The Best Ways to Use Your Scented Candles

There are endless ways you can use and enjoy your custom scented candles. Here are some examples of how to use your candle, and how to add them to each room of your home:

  • Enjoy your scented candle as you read your favorite book,meditate,or do a little yoga for a relaxing moment at home.
  • Use your candles as a centerpiece during a romantic dinner to create an amazing luxurious ambiance.
  • Create a beautiful space by decorating your home office with a scented candle. This will promote a feeling of calm as you work, and the fragrance can help you feel more relaxed or focused.
  • Decorate each room of your home with your DIY scented candles. Enjoy a scented candle in the bathroom to eliminate odors and use one in your kitchen to help eradicate those overwhelming cooking smells. Candles in the living room make any space look more beautiful, and they’re perfect in a dining room as a stunning centerpiece whenever you entertain. Use one in your bedroom to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day.
  • Not only are scented candles great for decorating your indoor and outdoor spaces, but they also make the perfect gift. Give a custom candle to your coworkers, friends, and family members for these holidays or as a simple way to say, “thank you” and to show a little bit of candle love.
  • Once you have the process down, making candles at home can be an awesome family activity. Have your kids create their very own candle in their favorite smells and colors. It’s a fantastic way to bond and spend time together as you learn a new skill.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to relax or want to add some unique decoration to your home, custom scented candles can make any room more beautiful. Make sure you have all the supplies you need before you begin and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for each product. Don’t forget to have fun choosing containers, colors, and fragrances. With some practice, you’ll be a candle-making pro in no time. It’s the perfect way to enjoy soothing scents and the beauty of a flickering flame at home.

Posted by Isabella Caprario - Guest on 20th Nov 2020