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What our Customers Say

Petals galore! Most searches for flower petals turn up synthetic petals, but we needed natural ones for the flower girl to toss at our farm wedding. Flyboy has a range of color and price options, and lots of informative detail about how many petals you might need for what you're trying to use them for. Shipping was quick and easy after ordering. Highly recommend ordering from them!."
Patty Liao , married on 10/27/2018
Reviewed on 11/27/2018

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Rose Petals...Stress free!

Posted by Flyboy Naturals on

You'll have no need to worry about ordering fresh petals at the last minute. 

No stressing over IF your petals will arrive on time or "at the very last minute" 
No stress about what condition they will be in once they do arrive...
No concerns about them turning brown, being bruised, moldy or damaged. 

Best of all NO need for refrigeration!!!
They will NOT stain, the are not slippery under normal conditions.  

Long lasting...you can order weeks or even a month or two in advance and story them in a cool, dry space.  

Avoid storing your petals in high heat or high humidity.

Stunning Petite Pink Rose Petals.


Lydia petals are petite in size. Color can range from a soft blush to light pink...sometimes lydia can have an even deeper or brighter pink color depending on when we harvest. Perfect for small tossing cones. Lydia Petite Pink Rose Petals look like cherry blossom petals. In fact, these lovely petals were used in the movie "MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA" to create the cherry blossoms falling. What a lovely addition to a garden wedding...they are AWESOME petite pink petals! THE COLOR IS CAN BE BRIGHTER THAN WHAT IS SHOWN HERE!!! It takes over 300 lydia roses to make 1 pound of fresh petals...this equals 10-12 cups or so, when freeze dried. Color may vary from your monitor. 

Gorgeous extra large Bewitched rose petals...we offer petals from teeny tiny to extra large...which will you choose?

Orchid Pink Color...Bewitched rose petals are quite large hybrid tea petals. Color can vary from bright pink to orchid. Makes a big statement used as table decorations...for romantic evenings & more.

Remember, our rose petals are 100% natural, they are not slippery in normal conditions, they won't wilt & are bio-degradable.


Kiss...Toss...Cheer!  Do you love this creative petal toss station?  Choose from over 100 colors or blends Flyboy Naturals offer.  Click here to see some options: https://flyboynaturals.com/freeze-dried-rose-petal...


Assorted Bright colorful Eco-friendly freeze dried rose petals. Petals size & colors are assorted & may vary from your monitor.  This is a fun, festive & vibrant blend of happy colors. Perfect for garden parties, romantic evenings, dinner parties, weddings, graduations, celebration of life events.

Big bonus...Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals are bio-degradable!  All natural, real, Eco-friendly and grown right here on our family farm in Rainbow Valley, southern Oregon.  

Our freeze dried rose petals are created by selectively hand harvesting roses one by one at the peak of perfection at our farm in Oregon. All rose petals are carefully removed by hand by our awesome crew of "petal pluckers". We gently place the rose petals in freeze dry machines...The process of freeze drying ensures the color; shape and size of each rose petal are preserved. Our rose petals are the preferred choice of brides, florists, venues & event planners as they are non-staining, not slippery, all natural and eco-friendly rose petals. We are very proud to have absolutely the best quality of breathtaking rose petals along with our award winning customer service. Over 100 colors of lovely real rose petals to choose from...whichever color you choose be assured that they are perfect for romantic evenings, proposals, engagement parties, weddings, honeymoon, birthday & anniversary parties, for massage & foot soaks and even for Celebration of Life events! We welcome the opportunity to share with you our Award Winning Service & excellent swoon worthy rose petals! Wedding Petals. Romance Petals. Rose Petals for every occasion!

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Happy New Year! We are celebrating 27 years!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are very excited to share our news... Flyboy Naturals is celebrating 27 years of providing swoon worthy rose petals worldwide.  Flyboy Naturals is 3 generation family owned & operated Eco-friendly flower farm. Our sweet farm is nestled in gorgeous fertile valley known as Rainbow Valley in South Western Oregon. Our farm is [...]

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​"Are We There Yet?" 2016 Rose Parade Float with Freeze Dried Petals from Flyboy Naturals

"Are We There Yet?" 2016 Rose Parade Float with Freeze Dried Petals from Flyboy NaturalsOnce again, our Freeze Dried Rose Petals were used on a float in the Rose Parade! "Are We There Yet?" was created by the City of Burbank and featured a Raccoon family setting out on a last minute family vacation. Not sure where they are going [...]

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Real Wedding with a Rave Review!Lorna and Brian were married on November 11, 2015 at the Now Amber Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and they used gorgeous Red Petals from Flyboy Naturals to add romantic color to their wedding day! Read what Lorna had to say in her WeddingWire Review..."I found flyboy naturals through Pinterest and thought it would [...]

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​Holiday Gifts using Freeze Dried Petals | Flyboy Naturals

Holiday Gifts using Freeze Dried PetalsThanksgiving is here and the holidays are just around the corner. Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, don't worry, at Flyboy Naturals we have freeze dried petals for all your decor and gift needs! Gifts, you ask? Freeze dried petals can be used for all kinds of crafts, and the holidays are a great [...]

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