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​Part II: 4 More Fun Ways to Preserve, Reuse & Repurpose Your Wedding Petals

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals on

Part II: 4 More Fun Ways to Preserve, Reuse & Repurpose Your Wedding Petals

Last month we brought you an awesome list of ideas for either preserving, reusing or repurposing your wedding petals. We are all about eco-friendly and one of the amazing things about our petals is that you can scoop them up and use them again! Pick up a handful for a quick wedding memory or ask a friend to scoop up a few bags full to repurpose. If you missed Part I check that out here – PART I. Then, when you’re ready read on for 4 more ideas! And remember, the best part is, because they are already freeze dried, you don’t need to do anything more to them, just get straight to playing:

1.) KEEPSAKE JEWELRY – This is similar to the ornament idea we covered in Part I only using a much smaller vessel so it actually becomes a wearable piece of jewelry. You can pick these up at most craft stores. There are also companies dedicated to this ‘memorial art’ who will take your wedding or memorial petals and turn them into ‘flowers in glass’ beads creating one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rosaries, even cufflinks and tie clips for the men! We haven’t personally tried them but here’s one company just to give you an idea of the options available: The Rose Keepsake Co. who we would like to give special thanks for giving us permission to use some of their beautiful pictures in the collage below: 

2.) PAPER CRAFTS & CARDS – These can be fun for both adults and kids. Some of our favorite paper crafts are hand made greeting cards like the simple “I Love You” note below. This would be a unique idea for wedding Thank You Notes. If you have kids they can enjoy simple pressed petal art like the butterfly and fairies shown below:

3.) FRAMED ART – I know, I know I already showed you how to get crafty with rose petals in Part I, but here are NEW and gorgeous craft ideas using your freeze dried petals. Check out The Crafting Chicks blog that will walk you through making the husband and wife initials or the butterfly shown below and lucky for you… you can skip all the processing steps because your petals are already freeze dried! Wouldn’t that be neat to use your wedding petals to create a special work of art for your baby’s room? Or maybe you surprise the newlyweds with a unique creation like the “Relax – you’re home now” sign shown below what a special treat to come home to after a honeymoon!

& one of our personal fave's

One more just for fun!  We found on Instagram #rosepetalart  so sweet! What a fun art project!

4.) SPA TIME! – We found so many fun recipes from around the Internet for making luxurious bath treats. Check out Happiness is Homemade for a Rose Petal Sugar Scrub Recipe, or visit Natures Home Spa for a Scented Bath Oil Fizzy Bomb Melt with rose petals or Simply Designing’s Vanilla Rose Petal Bath Salts. All of these blogs do a great job of walking you through each step and look at the gorgeous results below, almost too pretty to use:

Flyboy Naturals freeze-dried petals last for many months or even years when stored properly, although gradually overtime some of the petals may lighten in color or fade slightly, taking on a more vintage charm. To ensure the longest life of your treasured keepsakes, keep them out of direct sunlight and store (display them) in cooler areas of your home.

Have you preserved, reused or repurposed your Flyboy Petals? We’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures, please share in the comments below or email them directly to jami@flyboynaturals.com and we could feature your work in a future blog!

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