7 Details Couples Usually Forget When Wedding Planning

7 Details Couples Usually Forget When Wedding Planning

7 Details Couples Usually Forget When Wedding Planning

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Weddings can be overwhelming considering all the details involved, so you’re bound to forget a detail or two as your plan your big day! And while these details aren’t the most important parts of your wedding, they can still cause your special occasion to fall short. To help you out, we’ve put together a few details that couples tend to forget so you can try to avoid them.

1. Do you have a point person for vendors?

What if the flowers aren’t up to par? What if the decor isn’t what you ordered? If things don’t go according to plan, you shouldn’t have to be the one doing damage control. You shouldn’t be stressed out on your big day, but instead, spend your time preparing for the moment you say your “I dos”.

With that said, it can be helpful to have a point of contact to handle all vendor-related concerns. This person should be able to work alongside your vendors and guarantee that everything will be in place before the wedding begins. They should be able to make the decisions that you’d make.

2. Have you asked someone to help out the photographer?

Before your big day, you should sit down with your wedding photographer to discuss what specific shots you want them to capture. This will allow them to identify who to take pictures of, as well as who those people should (and shouldn’t) be with. For instance, if two family members are at odds, the photographer should know better than to ask them to be in the same photo.

However, do note that your photographer won’t know who your wedding guests are. They don’t know what your aunts, in-laws, and great-grandparents look like, so it would be a good idea to have someone help the photographer out (preferably someone who knows everyone). Their role is to assist the photographer in gathering the guests needed for each shot.

3. Have you made a gift registry?

It’s not uncommon for wedding guests to give the couple something they don’t want or need, but don’t blame them for this blunder. Guests don’t always know what gifts are ideal for newlyweds, so they end up buying the first thing get their hands on. Unfortunately, this often means that their gifts are boring, bad, and worthy of being regifted.

To make things easy for your wedding guests, consider making a wedding registry. A wedding registry contains gift options that you and your partner would be happy to get. Whether you want a silverware set, toaster, or towels, a gift registry helps guests choose from a wide range of hand-picked gifts. That way, they won’t have to waste their time trying to figure out what you’d want.

The wedding registry should be made at least 6 months before your big day, or if possible, as soon as you get engaged. Some guests may want to shop for a pre-wedding present aside from your on-the-day wedding gift.

4. Have you chosen your wedding jewelry?

Many brides spend months designing their dream wedding gown, but wait until the last minute to decide on what bridal jewelry to wear. They end up wearing wedding jewelry that doesn’t go with their wedding gown, or worse — not wearing any jewelry at all. They fail to see that wedding jewelry is just as essential as the wedding gown itself.

The key is to design your wedding dress with the rest of the details in mind. Pick out what pieces you want to wear, whether it’s your great-grandmother’s earrings, your mother’s ring, or custom-made accessories you’re getting made for your wedding day. This will help you plan your whole wedding outfit and ensure that all of its elements go together.

And since special moments require special pieces, you may want to buy brand-new accessories. Consider buying rings, earrings, necklaces, and anklets that you won’t wear on any day but your wedding day so that they’ll always have a sentimental value.

5. Have you packed a spare pair of shoes?

You may know better than to wear a brand-new pair of shoes to your wedding, but even if you try to break them a week before, they’ll still be painful. Weddings are long, and you’ll likely be wearing your heels hours before the ceremony starts to get your wedding photographs taken. To top that off, you’ll have to walk down the aisle, stand as you wait to say your vows, and do even more walking at the after-party. All of that standing can make any bride feel so uncomfortable that she’d rather be barefoot.

After the ceremony, slip into a spare pair of comfortable shoes to let your feet breathe (and so you can dance ‘til dawn!). Wear a pair of sparkly sandals that are still “wedding-worthy” so you don’t take away any glam from your outfit.

6. Have you purchased the confetti?

A wedding recessional won’t be complete without a good old confetti throw! Traditionally, guests would throw rice grains at newlyweds, but let’s be honest — it’s not as fun as confetti. However, the problem with most confetti is that it’s not eco-friendly. In fact, plastic confetti can take 1,000 years to decompose.

Fortunately, you can buy eco-friendly confetti made from biodegradable materials. Confetti made from rose petals, for instance, is completely natural and can decompose within a couple of months. Petal confetti is also classier than plastic confetti and can add a fancy flair to your recession. Plus, imagine how romantic it’ll feel to be showered by roses!

7. Have you prepared the cake knife?

It’s the teeny-tiny details that tend to be forgotten. One of the most common things that couples forget to bring to the reception is the cake knife. They’ll be standing by the table, surrounded by guests who’ve been waiting for this moment, when it dawns on them that they’ve got nothing to cut the cake with.

It’s best to be prepared and pack the cake knife a couple of days before the wedding — this will allow you to buy one if you don’t already own one. You may want to purchase a fancy cake knife since the cake-cutting moment is sure to be captured by your wedding photographer.

The takeaway

Even if you’re feeling confident that you haven’t forgotten anything, be sure to go through your wedding checklist and double-check if everything is good to go. By taking note of these things, you’ll be able to feel less stressed on your big day, and give yourself and your partner the dream wedding you deserve. 

Posted by Katie Pierce | Guest Content Writer on 26th Sep 2022