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​5 Color Trends for Spring Weddings {2017}

Posted by Faryn Kapala - Flyboy Naturals on

As we wrapped up 2016 (and HELLO - how are we already in March of 2017?!) we reported on a number of Hot Wedding Trends for 2017, if you missed those check them out here because there are some hot ideas you won’t want to miss: Hot Wedding Trends for 2017.

At that time, The Pantone Color Institute had just announced “Greenery” as the 2017 color of the year, a vibrant and energetic color that fits so many wedding palettes. Now, we are excited to share their color predictions for Spring 2017! It’s a super fun and inspiring mix of vibrant spring colors combined with perfect neutral earthy tones. First, we’ll walk you through the first five colors and show you have they can be used alone, then we’ll show you just how well this mixture can all come together with some beautiful wedding inspiration photos. And of course, we’ve sprinkled in the best Flyboy Naturals pairings to make selecting the perfect rose petals or hydrangea petals easy as pie. Who are we kidding, pie is not easy… easy as… well, let’s just get to the colors and you’ll see how easy they come together for yourself!

1. Primrose Yellow

Ahhh the warmth of the spring sunshine. This yellow is a perfect spring color, it’s warm and inviting and after the cold, rainy winter it just makes you want to smile! It pairs perfectly with a vibrant pink or a neutral gray as we’ve shown below. To achieve this look with Flyboy Naturals rose petals try our Shockwave Yellow Rose Petals and recreate something like this cheery rose petal monogram from Lynette & Curtis’ wedding, you can see more from their Chicago Nuptials at InsideWeddings.com.

Image Credits: InsideWeddings + Carasco Photography

2. Pale Dogwood

Bright spring colors are often preceded by softer tones. Imagine spring flowers blooming, first, you see the muted outer petals before they open up to their full-color potential and inner blooms. That describes Pale Dogwood a soft, tranquil pink shade with undertones of warm earthy browns. We’ve paired this up with our stunning Lydia Petite Rose Petals, pictures do not do these petals justice, they’re smaller than traditional rose petals and absolutely stunning. We love the way Saipua has used this color in a bouquet of pink peonies, white dogwood, ranunculus, and eucalyptus.

Image Credits: Saipua

3. Hazelnut

Another soft neutral in the Spring collection is Hazelnut. It has a natural warm earth tone that reminds us of burlap, twine and tree bark. It carries much more of the brown tones than Pale Dogwood but remains light, warm and welcoming in appearance. We don’t have any brown petals to offer here, but as you can see on the earthy burlap wedding aisle below, courtesy of Kathleen Deery Design, it pairs beautifully with our Bridal White/Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals and would also look lovely with our fragrant Shabby Chic Rose Petals.

4. Island Paradise

The name just about says it all when it comes to this lovely aqua blue with soft green tones. We immediately think of tropical beach weddings, warm ocean waters, a clear spring sky and pairing this one up with a vibrant pink like our Falling in Love Rose Petals or our beach favorite Romantic Rendezvous Rose Petal Blend.

5. Greenery

Of course, the 2017 Color of the Year makes an appearance in the Spring color set too. This refreshing yellow-green reminds us of all things spring, new growth, and flourishing life. Pantone writes, “Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.” What better color and ideas to work into a wedding. We suggest pairing this with our Fresh Cut Green Hydrangeas or our Green Hydrangea Petals. For more tips on Green weddings (green in color AND green in eco-friendliness) see our past blog on Going Green in 2017 with Flyboy Naturals. You can order your own custom plant/crate box, like the one picture below from Not On The High Street.

Bringing It All Together

It’s easy to see how each of these colors can work alone, but now let’s see how we can bring them all together into a fabulous spring color palette. I think the combination shouts TROPICAL WEDDING - Island Paradise can be seen in the ocean waves or blue sky, Hazelnut is the neutral sandy backdrop, flowers in warm Primrose Yellow and Pale Dogwood line the wedding aisle combined with the natural Greenery of the floral leaves and tropical trees. The beautiful wedding aisle pictured below comes to us courtesy of Aloha Island Weddings. For a less tropical take on these colors, we found this succulent boutonniere from OneWed that combines the yellow-green of Greenery and Yellow Primrose, the pale pink of Pale Dogwood and the warm earthy tones of Hazelnut. You can also use these colors in a signature wedding cocktail like this spiked lemonade that combines Yellow Primrose, Greenery, and Hazelnut colors.

This rustic pink, green and yellow wedding from The Every Last Detail combines a number of our Spring Colors into an on trend, warm and inviting wedding. Here Primrose Yellow takes center stage as seen in the Sunflowers, while Pale Dogwood is noted in the signature pink drinks and tablecloth, Hazelnut can be seen in the warm wood table and Greenery abounds in the flower arrangements, pair that with the Island Paradise sky and you’ve combined all 5 of these magical spring colors!

Next up we have a slightly more subdued, pastel version of these colors in this Artistic Garden Wedding Shoot from Hey Wedding Lady. This wedding features lots of greenery in both the floral arrangements and on the incredible watercolor green-rimmed plates. The yellow is a bit softer than Yellow Primrose, but apparent none the less in the flowers. The bouquet is tied with a ribbon of Pale Dogwood and we see more of this color pink color in the stemware on the table. The earthy backdrop, blue sky, and vases bring in our Island Paradise blue and our Hazelnut brown rounding out the color palette nicely.

For a more vibrant take on this blend bring the Yellow Primrose to the forefront by featuring it in the bouquet as seen below in this photo from the Ever After Guide with bright yellow ranunculus and Pale Dogwood garden roses. You can also bring in more of the Island Paradise blue through table linens and vases as seen here (blue table cloth photo from The Knot and blue vases photo from Courtenay Lambert).

Stay tuned because we still have 5 hot spring wedding colors to cover in a future blog! Until then, what do you think of these color ideas? Will you use any of them in your wedding this year?

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