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​15 Fun Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding | Flyboy Naturals

Posted by Marina Megens | Flyboy Naturals on

15 Fun Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding

Rose Petals are one of the easiest DIY decorations you can use for your wedding and one of the prettiest! And at Flyboy Naturals we have lots beautiful freeze dried petals that are perfect for your event, but do you know all the ways that you can use them? Need some ideas? Let us show you...

1. Engagement Photos

Okay, so we aren't to the wedding yet, but if you plan on using petals for your wedding, why not for your engagement photos?! They are a great way to add color to your photos and if you are shy or nervous in front of the camera, they are a great way to have some fun, play and loosen up! Which would you choose?  Rose petals, peony petals, hydrangea petals, lilac petals or a blend of all of them?

Engagement Photos with Rose Petals - Source: http://jessicaphotography.net/2012/10/12/ory-brooke-engagement

2. In the Invites

Place some petals in your invites to give your guests an added surprise when they open them up! This could be a way to hint about your wedding colors too.

Wedding Invitations with Rose Petals - Source: http://redturtleinvites.com/blog/2011/08/celebrity-wedding-invitations

3. Composite Bouquet

Composite bouquets are quite stunning. They are created using a single rose as the base and then layers and layers of petals are glued on to make it look like one giant bloom!

Rose Petal Composite Bouquet - Source: http://www.weddingbells.ca/planning/17-beautiful-single-bloom-bouquets/slide/bigbloom

4. Down your Wedding Aisle

There are endless ways to decorate your wedding aisle with rose petals! Scattered, runners or edges, designs, shapes, petal carpets... so many options! How can you choose only one?

Rose Petal Wedding Aisle - Source: http://indulgy.com/post/4I6TAwGz71/pretty-rose-petal-aisle

5. For your Flower Girl

Flower girls tossing rose petals down the aisle has been a long lasting tradition as it was said to ward off evil spirits and grant fertility to the bride as she walked through them. Many brides may not know the tradition but it gives the flower girl something to do and have fun while doing it!

Flower Girl with Rose Petals - Source: http://dparkphotoblog.com/wedding-pictures/the-french-estate-orange-wedding-photography

6. As your Ceremony Spot

Say your I Do's surrounded with petals! You could place the petals in a shape, hearts are always a favorite, and stand inside, or create a lush petal carpet to stand upon.

Ceremony Spot with Rose Petals - Source: http://table6productions.com/oh-roses

7. Petal Toss after you say I Do

After you say I Do, have your guests toss petals as you walk down your aisle as newlyweds!

Petal Toss After I Dos - Source: http://southernweddings.com/2012/12/05/fall-new-orleans-wedding-by-magnolia-pair-photography

8. Display your Seating Cards on a Bed of Petals

Lead your guests to their seats in style! What color rose petal would you choose?

Seating Cards on Bed of Petals - Source: https://www.insideweddings.com/weddings/moroccan-middle-eastern-themed-wedding-in-los-angeles/226

9. Table Runners

Use your petals to create lush table runners or use them to surround your centerpieces. It's a great way to up the lush and expensive (but not really! and we won't tell) look and feel of your table centerpieces.

Table Runner of Rose Petals - Source: http://www.atouchofclass.co.nz/events/mary-krys

10. Float Them for Easy Centerpieces

Or you can use them for your centerpieces! Float petals in bowls or tall vases with water and top with a floating candle. Doesn't get much easier!

Floating Petal Centerpieces - Source: http://brownbunnyflowers.blogspot.com/2010/09/september-18-2010-julie-and-jasons.html

11. Decorate your Cake or Cake Table

Opt for a simple cake and then decorate with petals or decorate the cake table.

Cake Table with Rose Petals - Source: http://weddingseve.com/cakes/get-amazing-ideas-on-how-you-can-decor-a-bridal-cake-table.php

12. String them to make Petal Garlands

Strings of petals could be used for photo backdrops, hanging from a chuppah or alter, for the bride and groom chairs, or anywhere you want some extra decor.

Rose Petal Garland Backdrop - Source: http://www.thefrenchbouquettulsa.com/blog/2014/06/real-wedding-stephanie-and-benjamin

13. Petal Drop

During your first kiss as newlyweds, when they announce you and your wedding party at the reception or during your first dance, plan a spectacular petal drop! It's sure to Wow your guests!

Rose Petal Drop - Source: http://sandiegostyleweddings.blogspot.com/2015/01/personalized-touches-flower-petal-drop.html

14. Photo Op

Use petals to make your photos pop! Toss petals in the air and pose with your bridesmaids or your flower girls for a super sweet photo op.

Rose Petal Photo-Op - Source: http://flyboynaturals.com/bailie-burgess-wedding

15. Petal Toss Send Off

At the end of the reception have your guests send you off with a petal toss! This works well when it's too light out to do sparklers, since not all weddings end at night!

Rose Petal Send Off - Source: http://www.chicagoillinoisweddingphotography.com/2012/03/28/palmer-house-hotel-wedding-photographer-photography-hilton

16. Okay, one more… On your Honeymoon!

Your wedding may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Take some petals along with you on your honeymoon to decorate the bed or a bubble bath to make for an ultra romantic setting.

Rose Petals for Honeymoon - Source: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/photo-tours.mi?marshaCode=oakdt&pageID=HWGRD_SUITES&imageID=3&room

Now that you have plenty of ways to use your freeze dried petals, head to Flyboy Naturals to place your order today! We have dozens of colors and blends so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for! Bridal White, Bridal Red and Bridal Pink are some of our most popular options, but those are just the beginning!  So tell us, which petals are your favorite and how will you use them at your wedding?

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