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​10 Beautiful Spring Wedding Flower Ideas

Posted by Guest Writer Megan - BookMint Chicago | Flyboy Naturals on

10 Beautiful Spring Wedding Flower Ideas

Spring has long been known as the season of new beginnings. Days begin to lengthen, the chill of the air begins to warm, and flowers begin to take shape and bloom under the watchful eye of the sun. It’s the season when the world seems to awaken from a winter slumber and start anew. There is simply no more symbolically perfect time than spring for you to begin your new lives together.

Flowers are one of the most fabulous elements of the spring season. The variety of new blooms readily available in prismatic hues, that perfectly complement any theme, are plentiful. Spring couples have their pick of an abundance of varieties and styles of florals - which can be overwhelming! To make it easier, we have channeled our inner Mother Nature and chosen ten fantastic floral concepts to help you design your springtime wedding and have highlighted them below! 

Nature’s Nurture

Michelle Boyd Photography | Sapphire Events | Kim Starrwise

Let nature guide your hand when selecting the perfect springtime color palate. Milano blue, olive and white can be found from sky to sea and in endless fields between. Use these naturally inspired hues in boutonnieres and floral arrangements to reflect the gorgeous simplicity of the season. Minimalist floral design will be one of the wedding trends we see in 2020 - so rather than creating large, identical arrangements, smaller individually unique pieces will spark interest and add depth to this gorgeous design. Iceberg Rose Petals are the perfect choice to add to this color palette.

Stairway to Spring

Want your guests to feel as though they’ve stepped into the pages of a spring-like fairy tale? Bring the

magic of the season indoors! Accent staircases and additional towering structures with large, cascading

arrangements of pale blooms and bountiful greenery to add color, an abundance of texture and drama.

Lace garland up staircases, through banisters and everywhere in between for an enchanted, forest-like

feeling your guests aren’t likely to forget. Blush rose petals from Flyboy Naturals.

Flawless Fun

Debi Lily | A Perfect Event | DL Loft | Gerber + Scarpelli | The Festive Frog | Toni Patisserie | Gold Plated | Blue Plate

The playful whimsy of balloon garland will always be a lively addition to any wedding reception. To

capture the essence of the season, add pops of green florals to a monochromatic white work of balloon

art. Use similar florals on a champagne bar positioned nearby to tie together fun and festive for your

wedding day to really pop!

Artistic Archway

If you’re looking for a true work of art that doesn’t overshadow the exquisite couple or background, look no further! Create a large-scale archway of fresh white florals and richly stained wood. A piece such as the gorgeous one featured here will provide the perfect backdrop as you say, “I do” - without feeling overstated. Additionally, for a little extra fortune, create your archway in the shape of a horseshoe - which is symbolic of good luck! 

Rustic Richness

Fête WeddingsDon Mears Photography

Spring is the perfect season to allow the beauty of nature to provide the backdrop for rustic-inspired weddings. Accent organic elements such as worn wood with an array of brightly colored, ultra violet blooms and pale, complementary accent colors.Bold ultra violet florals will soften any hard edges of even the most worn pieces and tie together both nature and design concept for the perfect rustic reception. 


Ornamental Orchids

Paperantler.com Event & Floral Design:Tara Pollio Floral Event DesignCake: Irene’s cakes by Design Venue: Equinox Luxury Resort and Spa, Manchester, Vermont

The delicacy of a white orchid is like that of fine lace. Arrange any surface with towering branches of white orchids in mixed media vases to capture the essence of the finest couture. The addition of petite succulents, thoughtfully dispersed near these gorgeous and feminine florals, will add a surprising level of texture and color especially given the graceful nature of the orchids.

Garland Grandeur

Photo Credit: Brides of North Texas magazine / Jessica Gold Photography / Meggie Francisco / The Garden Gate

What could be more feminine than Mother Nature as she changes seasons one breathtaking bloom at a time? Drape reception tables with lavish garland created from blush and cerise roses, white and pale green hydrangeas, orchids, as well as individual flower petals for a romantic and feminine look perfect for any spring wedding day. The elongated garland will add just a bit of dramatic, romantic flare while adding soft and feminine texture that Mother Nature herself would certainly approve of.

Topsy-turvy Tulips

Front Room Photography

Rather than tiptoeing through the tulips, why not be seated under them? There are few flowers that signify the arrival of springtime more than gorgeous, pastel tulips. Suspend tulips over the head table to capture the essence of spring anywhere your guests may look. The addition of decorative glass bulbs and pendant light installations helps to add texture without taking away from this picturesque design.

Succulent Spring

Photo Credit: Mariel & Joey Lifestyle Photography / Abbie O Events

Coordinating hues with the season is hardly redundant! Accent a white or ivory bridal bouquet with air plants and succulents in various shades of green for the perfect multi-dimensional arrangement. Embellish a tiered wedding cake with complementary pieces for the perfect way to tie together spring and sweet! 

Variegated Vintage

Party Designs by Jax | Rose Trail Images

What better way to complement the novelty of spring than to host a vintage style soirée? Surround carefully selected family heirlooms, leather bound photo albums or even delicate antique china with simple, multi-colored blooms in vases of varying heights. A metallic candelabra enveloped in florals and greenery adds the perfect accent piece to fully embrace vintage vibes.

As the grass begins to restore to lush green softness and the days begin to lengthen, spring is the season of change. Whether you decide to be married under an open sky beneath an arch of your favorite flowers or indoors surrounded by delicate orchids – one thing is for certain - the season of new beginnings has much to offer when it comes to flowers. Mother Nature is providing you with the most exquisite gifts this time of year, take advantage of her generosity! Integrate one of these floral design concepts into your perfect décor theme and you’re sure to have a blooming and beautiful wedding day. 

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