Viking/Medieval Wedding-Norway 3

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Click on photo for a larger image. ____________________________________ Thank you for the fabulous rose petals!!! Medieval wedding pics from Norway Hi Flyboy Naturals, "We LOVED the rose petals you sent us and had a fabulous time at our medieval wedding in Norway."

"The wedding party we had in Norway was our 'official' wedding for us. Roar's uncle is well traveled and was our 'fake monk' and the last surviving one of the Viking pillaging (in our story for the event) so we 'forced him' to marry us. One of my closest friends, Nathalia made me my crown of flowers for the ceremony. You can see us together in the photos. Also the photo of Roar and I kissing (in the previous email)you can see one of your rose petals in his hair. Thanks again!" cheers, Samantha Askheim :) __________________________________________ THIS IS FABULOUS!!! We love this photo...all of them in fact. Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing these with us...what a wonderful & very memorable day this must have been for you & all of your guests ;-)