Special Message for Petal Toss

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Make your Petal toss extra special by adding a lovely tag to each toss. Write a special message on the tag to prepare your guests for the toss. Here are a couple of ideas...or write your own, it's fun! Have a party with your bridesmaids & see what messages they can come up with! We would love it for you to share your message/ideas with other couples...Send them in & we will post them right here! * After the big kiss, be ready for this. The newlyweds will smile as they walk down the aisle. That is your cue to toss up in the air, rose petals of love for this very happy pair. * These pretty petals are for you to share. As the couple walks outside, toss them high in the air. Shower them with love, and give a big cheer. * The couple would like to ask for your help with this new wedding tradition. Wait outside for them to appear. And when that moment arrives, give them a grand cheer.Toss these rose petals far above & shower the happy couple with all of your love. * Toss into the air & sprinkle around To shower the happy couple so that fun will abound. When [bride] and [groom] exit with flair, please lovingly toss your petals high in the air!