Petals in Unity Vase

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Wedding Petals in Unity Vase

"I wanted to share with you our experience with your petals. My youngest daughter got married on Dec. 22, 2007. We purchased a lovely rose blend and, as usual, I purchased too many. We used them for the petal toss, flower girls baskets and to decorate around the tables. We had several of our guests comment at the wedding about how fragrant they were. After the wedding I had several cups left over so I took some and put them in a bowl next to my daughter's wedding picture. To this day, over one year later I can still smell them when I shake the bowl. My daughter used a bunch of them in a vase and then placed her silk bouquet in it. It is beautiful to look at. It was funny how many uses we found for the leftovers. I even made some small sachets for the bridesmaids out of them. My oldest daughter is getting married this June 2009 and the wedding would not be complete without your beautiful petals. We purchased a different blend, but trust they will be as fragrant and long-lasting as the rose petals. You have a wonderful product that I highly recommend to others. It is such a nice alternative to traditional rose petals or silk petals that cause a mess or have to be cleaned up. Thank you again for the great product!" "Our family used the leftover petals as sachets for our drawers and in a bowl on the coffee table. We also used them in plain glass cylinders (similar to the unity candle vase) to show them off. We were very surprised and pleased they could be so readily used for day-to-day decorating. They look the same today as they did almost two years ago when we purchased them. They truly are timeless." Patty Szot May 2009