Melissa & Jason Wray's Petal Toss

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Melissa & Jason Wray's Wedding Petal Toss Click on photo for a larger image of this lovely couple!

" I am forwarding a picture of my beautiful daughter's wedding that was made complete with the rose petal toss as they left the church. Thanks for a wonderful product that helped make her dreams come true. This is Melissa & Jason Wray, wed on June 4, 2005. As the mother of the bride who did everything(all ceremony decorations, flowers, reception decorations), I would highly recommend your product to anyone because of the ease in use----it made our special day so much less stressful because I could fill the cones well in advance of the big day and because the product stayed so lovely. It was the first rose petal toss that we had ever experienced and everyone loved it. GREAT PRODUCT---GREAT PRICE!! Thanks again for being a part of one of the most memorable days of my life and Melissa and Jason's. And the personal touch that you send out with the rose petals (the personal card) is an added bonus. Not many companies give that kind of personalized attention any more." Thanks again---mother of the bride, Linda Clary