Jillian & Blake Wedding Aisle and Toss

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Jillian and Blake Wedding Aisle & Petal Toss

"We used your wonderful petals. It was spectacular! I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the successful petal toss! Thanks for doing what you do!

"We were married in Rose Valley, WA on August 1, 2009!
It was a little windy and some people got their own petal shower. We put a handful of petals in a little box on each
of the chairs closest to the isle and we had the pastor make a quick announcement for people to get ready to toss just before he announced us.
It was so fun to walk through! I found little green petals when I took my dress of later that night :) but you were right, they didn't stain!"

Thanks again! -Jillian Chamberlain