Iceland Wedding

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"The wedding was held at the majestic Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Hella, Iceland on April 14, 2012. The bride and groom are from Plymouth, Michigan and are a destination wedding planner and photography duo.
Iceland does not have a thriving wedding industry as the United States so planning a wedding there is an incredible feat as items and vendors are not as readily available. The bride was very specific on the colors she wanted to see in her isle way. Sadly, Iceland could only offer a plain white petal in the amount it would take to fill a 4 foot wide by 20 feet long isle way and the price tag was out of their budget.
After some research, stumbling upon your amazing website, ordering several color samples it was settled- they were importing their petals to Iceland.
They used 60,000 of your Very Berry petal mix and it was breathtaking against the romantic Icelandic terrain. The Very Berry mix offered all of the shades of pink the bride loved and would be versatile enough in color to still be stunning in the snow, lava rocks, in rain, or grass.

The customer service I received from your team was top notch. Since the petals were being sent directly to Iceland, I would not be seeing them until days before the wedding, I had requested a few photos before shipping.
Your team graciously complied and they looked exactly as the photo when I arrived in Iceland to lay them down on the isle way!

Flyboy Naturals should be on the top of every destination wedding planners vendor list!"

With a smile, Ann Peters

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