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​Winter Wedding Color Palettes Inspired by Freeze Dried Petals | Flyboy Naturals

Winter Wedding Color Palettes Inspired by Freeze Dried Petals

Last week I shared a few pretty palettes for Fall Weddings, which you can see here: http://flyboynaturals.com/blog/pretty-petal-palettes-for-fall-weddings-flyboy-naturals

But today it's time to have some fun with Winter Wedding Palettes!

Winter Weddings are so Romantic and while they were once rarely thought of, for today's Bride they are a great option and can even be a little cheaper since most vendors aren't completely booked up during this time! When I think of Winter Weddings I think of cozy, intimate settings with lots of candlelight and classic color combinations, so first up, Romantic Winter Reds!

The bright red just pops against the snowy white background!

We love this photo of this stunning bride and groom in the Snow...a sprinkle of red rose petals surrounding

the newlyweds would be a really fun addition...don't you think? 

Source: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/classy-red-038-black-christmas-time-wedding

Red Roses, Pinecones and Berries make for gorgeous Winter Wedding Bouquets

Bridal Red Rose Petals and Crimson Bouquet Rose Petals are the perfect choice with these gorgeous bouquets 

source: http://www.theroseshed.co.uk/winter-wedding-flowers-lisa-scott-wiltshire

This couple provided their guests with cozy throws to keep warm!

Cozy Throws and Red Rose Petals...which is the perfect red petal for your wedding palette?

source: http://enchantedfloristtn.com/best-of-ceremonies-2014-the-enchanted-florist

Red Rose Petals are, of course, the best choice for this Winter Wedding Palette and we have all the shades you need!

Bridal Red, Wedding Reds, Deep Red


Next up is another classic color palette that is elegant and totally gorgeous against a snowy backdrop... Shades of Blue, from a light powder blue to a deep navy, this palette is sure to give you a fairytale wedding.

These Bridesmaids look like they are having a blast in their blue boots!

source: https://www.tumblr.com/search/winter%20bridesmaid%20dresses

Hardy blooms like succulents and thistle provide a beautiful natural blue hue that is perfect for Winter Weddings...

Blue and White Bouquets

source: http://heyweddinglady.com/modern-chic-blue-white-and-silver-wedding)

Create your own Winter Wonderland with blue lighting! Doesn't it look magical?

Winter Blue Ceremony Space 

source: http://www.greenbrideguide.com/blog/blue-winter-wonderland-eco-friendly-cool-and-classic-wedding-ideas

A true blue is hard to find in flowers, and therefore petals, but my petal picks for this palette would be our Snowdrop Hydrangea Petals, which feature hints of light blue, or our Something Blue Blend, a blend of lavender blue hydrangea petals and ivory rose petals.


Last but not least is yet another elegant, romantic and luxurious palette. The color of jewels... Emerald and Gold. And I personally like the palette with a hint of blush or light pink to soften it just a bit.

These Bridesmaids look gorgeous in green, and I like the MOH in gold to add a touch of sparkle!

Green and Gold Bridesmaids

source: http://raspberry-creative.com/emerald-and-gold-wedding

Or have all your maids in gold for even extra sparkle!

Look how terrific these bridesmaids look in Gold.  


The addition of Blush is so beautiful...don't you think?!

Emerald, Blush and Gold Table Setting 

source: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Blogs/BrideGroom/November-2014/Winter-wedding-color-combos

My petal picks for this color palette are our Green Hydrangea Petals, Ch-Ching Golden Yellow Rose Petals, to play up the gold, or if you want to add some blush or light pink, you can't go wrong with our Bridal Pink Petals.


So, which Winter Wedding Palette is your Favorite? Shop for all your freeze dried petal needs at Flyboy Naturals!

Posted by Marina Megens | Flyboy Naturals on 12th Oct 2015