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​Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!!!

Posted by Sarah Johnson|Flyboy Naturals on

Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!!!

Peonies: it’s difficult to even try and describe these gorgeous flowers because of how abundant and beloved they’ve become since they were first cultivated. In Japan, poets like Kiitsu write, “When the peonies bloomed, / It seemed as though there were / No flowers around them.” Authors like Mary Oliver suggest, “The [peonies] bend their bright bodies, / and tip their fragrance to the air, / and rise, / their red stems holding / ...beauty the brave, the exemplary.” They’re even known as the “King of Flowers”! But, even more than odes and tributes, peonies speak for themselves with their undeniable elegance and beauty.  This photo of this stunning bouquet was sent in by one of our favorite customers!

Source: Flyboy Naturals

Peonies sit alongside roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas as some of the most classic wedding flowers available.  They are fabulous to create brides bouquets, wedding bouquets for the bridal party and reception tables.

Source: Flyboy Naturals

The keyword with these flowers is opulence. Their large blooms are opulent. Their ruffled petals are opulent. Even their stunning blends of colors are opulent!

When peonies first arrive in boxes, this may seem a little inaccurate or overblown at first glance. This is because peonies are shipped as buds. These buds are small and tight, looking something like a painted golf ball on a woody stem. However, don’t be deterred by their alien appearance. The buds will slowly start to unfurl, revealing layers upon layers of lacy petals the further they open. They will look slightly different every day as they develop into their distinctive blooms. As a result, this opens up hundreds of possible avenues for arranging. Peonies are gorgeous through every stage of their life, making them one of the most versatile flowers on the market.

When they first arrive, they will look like this:

Source: Flyboy Naturals

When they fully bloom, they will look something like this:

Source: Flyboy Naturals

In addition to their physical beauty, though, peonies are one of the most mythical, symbolic blooms of all time. They were first cultivated in Eastern Asia, particularly in central China, where they were regarded as the most beautiful flowers even grown. There, they became synonymous with both internal and external beauty. In weddings, they symbolize good fortune, romance, and compassion.

Flyboy Naturals offers many gorgeous varieties of peonies, all of which offer their own splendid touch to weddings.  Flyboy Naturals grows peony flowers in white, blush, light pink, deep pink, coral, fuchsia, hot pink along with several peonies that are quite unique such as Gay Paree.

Angel Cheeks

Angel Cheeks peonies emphasize the romance of these flowers. Each bloom has a globe-like center that is densely packed with ruffled petals and is surrounded by a ring of smooth petals. These petals have a classic pink hue, as well as dark pink accents that create unique and ornate designs throughout the flower. They are reminiscent of the bright blush pink painted across angel’s faces in classic Renaissance art.

Coral Charm

Coral Charm peonies add spontaneity and excitement to events. Unlike other peonies, these blooms have a bowl-shaped bloom filled with smooth, ovular petals that slowly unfurl into layers. The petals have a vibrant coral hue, which is complemented by a cluster of sunshine-yellow stamen in the center of each bloom. This peony is much more light and airy than others, making it a fantastically cheerful gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays.


Esmeralda peonies are some of the most feminine flowers of all time. On the outside edges of the bloom, the petals are smooth and velvety, and have a creamy pink hue. Near the center of the bloom, the petals begin to have delicate ruffles and start to shift into ivory and white shades. They partially cover the bright yellow stamen in the center of the bloom, which barely peek out from in between the soft petals. Use as a gentle, elegant touch to events.


Lillian peonies highlight the more luxurious nature of these stunning flowers. The blooms have a cotton-like shape, and are densely filled with layers of ruffled, lacy petals. The petals have an ivory white hue with a pink sheen barely across them, as well as a few pink accents hidden like colorful treasures throughout. This makes the peony resemble a polished pearl and a unique focal flower for classic-inspired events.

James Pillow

James Pillow peonies have a dreamy ambience surrounding them. These peonies have stunning, cloud-shaped blooms filled with airy layers of lightly ruffled petals. The petals range in hue from ballet slipper pink to dusty rose, and are laced with ivory and white undertones. Golden yellow stamen try to poke out from the centers of the blooms, but can only occasionally be seen between the petals. The bright accents on otherwise delicate blooms is perfect for adding an ethereal touch to arrangements.

Sarah Bernhardt

Named after one of the most influential French actresses of all time, Sarah Bernhardt peonies exemplify elegance. They are one of the most petal-heavy varieties of peonies. Each bloom is so tightly packed with heavily ruffled petals that, when they fully open, they look like regal cheerleading poms. These flowers are known for their classic true pink hue, which is perfect for adding a timeless touch to arrangements.

Shirley Temple

Like Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, Shirley Temple peonies are named after a famous actress; this actress, however, was known for her cheek, but sweet, personality. Her personality stays true to these stunning blooms. Shirley Temple peonies have large circular blooms with ruffled, creamy white petals. Near the centers of the blooms, the petals have bright red accents, which resemble grenadine in the classic saloon drink of the same name. The striking red accents make this peony a playful addition to events.

White Dream

White Dream peonies are regal, chic flowers. Their blooms look like tight, compacted clouds with swirls and ruffles creating stunning designs out of petals. Near the centers of the blooms, these petals are short and lacy; near the edges of the bloom, they become longer and more velvety and smooth. This compliments their dainty eggshell white hue. These peonies are one of the most versatile varieties, and can be used to add a crisp touch to any style of arrangement or event.

Best of all, peonies are a beloved favorite for Mother’s Day gifts. They are visual beauty that takes an aesthetic journey that’s impossible not to enjoy. Watching them slowly unfurl out of tight buds is exciting. Seeing them swell until it appears they will explode creates brilliant anticipation. And, when they open, their decadent aroma, unbelievable colors, and stunning texture make them impossible not to adore. Their contagious delightfulness is just irresistible.

Peonies make stunning wedding bouquets, brides bouquets, centerpieces.  Whatever your needs or desires are (as far as peonies & petals go)  We've got you covered!

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