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Mardi Gras - Carnival Celebration

Mardi Gras- Carnival starts next week...it is French forFat Tuesday, it refers to the practice of a big, over the top party! Celebrating and eating rich, fatty foods before you begin the ritual fasting during the season of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday. Let's face it...it's a great reason to celebrate!

Mardi Gras is known as the greatest free party on the planet, put on by the wonderful locals of New Orleans. Whether you are going to your first Carnival or this is simply your latest, it's a celebration that welcomes everyone...Can't make it to New Orleans this year?

Why not create a wonderful celebration in your own home with fresh colorful spring flowers and rose petals? Decorate your dining table with stunning petals, candles; feathers...toss them in the air as natural confetti!!

Make it feel like "the real deal" encourage your guests to dress for the occasion wearing colorful masks and costumes...feather boas, beads, beads & more beads! Who’s ready for a little fun?

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Posted by Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals on 27th Feb 2014