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​Calling All Fall Brides: See Pantone’s Picks for the Top 10 Colors this Fall

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals on

Calling All Fall Brides: See Pantone’s Picks for the Top 10 Colors this Fall

Pantone, Inc. is the world renowned authority on all things color, they make it easier for specific colors to be communicated and accurately represented across a variety of industries. For over 50 years they’ve been providing color inspiration to the world. Their work feeds graphic artists, printers, fashion, home and interior design and of course the wedding industry. We’ve already blogged about the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” and their predictions for hot colors in Spring 2016, and today we bring you their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016 featuring their Top 10 Colors for fall, complete with Flyboy Naturals product match ups and a whole bunch of wedspiration! Let’s take a look:

Image Credits, Top Photo: Pantone, Inc.

The spread of colors starts off with two shades of blue. Pantone’s Riverside is a strong blue yet retains cool and calming qualities. Pantone describes is as displaying “subtle vibrancy and sophistication” and it reminds us of the blues of the ocean. We’ve paired it up with Flyboy Naturals Spring Fling Blend:

Next up is Airy Blue which immediately reminds us of clear blue skies and reminds us of Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year Serenity a close cousin of this comforting color. It pairs beautifully with Flyboy Naturals Light Blue Periwinkle Hydrangea Petals:

Image Credits, Shoes: Macy’s Ninna Vinnie Two Piece Evening Sandals

Leaving the leading blues we step into the edgier Sharkskin a nice neutral, shimmery, gray tone that pairs well with just about any other color. It picks up on the unique colors in our White Lilac Petal blend:

Pantone describes the next color, Aurora Red, as “adding a welcome punch.” It’s a bold, rich, warm and sensual red and we can’t get over how perfectly it pairs with our freeze-dried Carnival Red Orange Rose Petals:

Warm Taupe is another neutral color in the fall color list, adding a touch of earthiness. We haven’t paired this one up with a freeze dried petal, but as you can see from the photos below it works beautifully against ivory or white so we would recommend our Porcelana Petals:

Next in the list is Pantone’s Dusty Cedar, it plays of the pinks of spring but with a warmer tone that makes it perfect for fall weddings. This dusty rose-toned is described as being warm and welcoming. If you want to stick with the pinker-tones it pairs magnificently with Flyboy Naturals

Alluring Pink Petals or if the rest of your wedding colors feature more orange or yellow tones it also pairs nicely with our Sunrise Petals:

In true fall fashion we have this rich, elegant green Lush Meadow. Pantone’s describes it as bringing to mind “fresh botanicals and foliage.” It reminds us of our walks through the fields here at the Flyboy Naturals farm. It matches the deep green leaves of our Fresh Green Hydrangeas perfectly:

Pantone’s Spicy Mustard looks beautiful is an uplifting color that adds vibrancy and spice to the wedding palette. We were pleasantly surprised with how well our Mango Yellow and Light Orange Rose Petals fit in here:

Image Credits, Dress, Cake & Tie: The Bride Link

Number Nine on the list is Pantone’s Potter’s Clay a “russet Orange” in undertones that provides an earthy and grounded feeling. This color is perfect for fall and brings back memories of Moroccan and Navajo weddings; we’ve paired it with our VAVOOM Preserved Freeze Dried Petals:

Image Credits, Table Setting: MyWedding.com, Bride: TouchofTradition.com

The final color on the Fall Color Report is Pantone’s Bodacious, a purple rich in pink undertones, it’s bright, vibrant and sophisticated. We love it paired with Lush Meadow or Sharkskin and we especially love how well it fits with not one but two of our freeze-dried rose petals our Lavender-Simply Marvelous petals picks up on the pinker tones and our Fragrant Plum provides a slightly more purple tone:

Image Credits, Both Flower Arrangements: Budget Brides Guide

It’s easy to see how these colors can be combined, pick a few like we’ve done here with Bodacious, Sharkskin, Lush Meadow, Dusty Cedar and Warm Taupe:

What colors are you looking forward to this Fall? Will you be using any of these in your wedding? Let us know if we can help pair you up with the perfect petals for your big day!

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