8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

Below are 9 vegan wedding ideas with some images for design and color inspiration.

Weddings are personal celebrations of love, and couples can use their ceremony to share their lifestyles and passions with those closest to them. The personalization of weddings is why Eco-friendly and meatless ceremonies have become some of the most popular wedding trends for 2020.

The average U.S. wedding generates 400 pounds of trash and 63 tons of CO2. Couples looking to cut costs and protect the planet have found that a plant-based lifestyle is one of the best changes an individual can make to reduce greenhouse gases and waste. A vegan wedding is so much more than what caterer you choose, so Zola has created the ultimate vegan wedding planning guide to help you plan your day.

Read our planning tips below or skip to our vegan wedding inspiration infographic.

What Does it Mean to Host a Vegan Wedding?

Vegan couples abstain from products made of, from, or with animals. This includes products like silk and honey, as well as anything made using animal testing. A vegan wedding is simply a celebration that abides by these principles, meaning couples have plant-based catering and avoid animal-derived fabrics in their wardrobe.

Veganism itself is super sustainable, as meat and animal production have a huge carbon footprint and produce a lot of waste. Still, the vegan lifestyle means staying mindful as a consumer, and choosing ethically sourced and fair-trade products. You’ll want to keep in mind the environmental and human impact of your choices as you plan your wedding. So with that, here are some tips to help you plan your cruelty-free wedding. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics.

How to Plan a Plant-Based Celebration

1. Hire a vegan-friendly caterer

Caterers are beginning to respond to the meatless trend with specialized plant-based menus and are expanding their knowledge of vegan cooking. Many take this a step further to offer regional, seasonal dishes for sustainability that support local produce. If you’re struggling to find a vegan caterer, rest easy that most caterers offer vegan options with modified favorites.

2. Support a plant-based bakery

Just like caterers, most bakers have caught on to the growth of alternative diets. Many shops offer vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free treats⁠—but your best bet is with a tried and true vegan baker. They can make your plant-based cake, cookies, or donut dreams come true.

They are often more likely to incorporate eco-friendly practices and ingredients into their business, too. So keep an eye out for companies that use sustainable packaging, donate unsold products, or avoid palm oil.

3. Share the flavors of veganism

Interactive food stations are a great way to meet every guest's needs and promote how delicious veganism can be. Set up a vegan charcuterie board, or a vegan wine and cheese tasting. Plan a brunch wedding with a crepe station or line a table with every dessert imaginable. Everyone is guaranteed to find something they like and learn something new about vegan eats.

4. Stock a vegan bar

It’s a surprise to most non-vegans that a lot of alcoholic favorites aren’t vegan. Some beers and wines use animal-derived ingredients like honey, and others use animal parts in the filtration process. For the most part you’re safe with liquor, so consider creating specialty themed cocktails with vegan mixers. If you’re into craft beer and wines, don’t be discouraged—there is no shortage of vegan options.

5. Skip the faux-florals

It’s tempting to build your own bouquet and decorations with fake flowers, but know that the time, storage, and transportation you’re sinking into arranging all of these pieces are almost never worth it. Fake flowers are usually made of silk, plus their production, distribution, and disposal are a huge burden on the environment. Real flowers are the best alternative and make for great keepsakes! Seasonal flowers are particularly Eco-friendly and you’re supporting local florists and small farms like Flyboy Naturals. They specialize in Eco-friendly, freeze-dried rose petals. Offering so many lovely choices of real petals and the best part is they are all natural, biodegradable, non-staining and grown on their sweet family farm in Oregon!  See some of their stunning petals here Eco-friendly Rose Petals

6. Get creative with your centerpieces

Few things are more gorgeous than the color and variety of fresh fruit and veggies. Embrace your plant-based theme and provide beautiful, tasty arrangements at each table. Leftovers can be taken as favors, donated, or composted so there’s no guilt when you’re cleaning up.

7. Accept donations over gifts

Offer guests the choice to donate to your favorite charity as a gift. This can reduce the waste of packaging and the gift itself, while showing your commitment to end animal cruelty. This can be reversed, too—donate in your guests’ honor instead of ordering custom favors they’ll leave behind for you to clean up.

8. Add ambiance with soy candles

Candles are a favorite for their elegance and warmth, but most candles are made with animal fats and wax. Keep the romantic vibe with soy candles, which actually burn longer than wax candles.

Vegan weddings can be controversial, but remember that it’s your ceremony. Start off the rest of your life with what’s important to you and your partner, and know that you’re celebrating without regrets.

Posted by Guest Post |Briana Marvell on 10th Mar 2020