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​10 Petal Blends for 10 Destination Locales (Part 2)

Posted by Sarah Johnson | Flyboy Naturals on

10 Petal Blends for 10 Destination Locales Part 2

Continuing directly from our last entry, this week we’re continuing to look at the best petal blends for some of the most incredible destination weddings in the world. Without further distraction or adieu, let us continue with our picks for the top five spots and their perfect blends!

5. Haleakala Crater, Maui

While you may expect the romantic backdrops sun-streaked oceans and postcard-perfect palm trees to be the only option for a wedding in Hawaii, the extraordinary islands are abundant with spectacular, jaw-dropping vistas like Haleakala Crater. This volcano sculpts the majority of tourist favorite Maui, and rises to an elevation of 10,003 feet on the southern half of the isle. The shield volcano slopes elegantly to the west, while the eastern side of the mountain dramatically drops into a gorgeous crescent ridge cradling the rocky valley below.

Haleakala Crater  Photo Credit: National Geographic

Elopement atop the Crater: Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Couple atop Crater  Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Sunset Begins Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Holding Hands Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

The volcano drips with dreamy, romantic inspiration. The summit rises rapidly from the depths of the ocean, offering an unbelievable range of ecosystems climbing up the mountain. Rainforests, full of strange tropical creatures that call Hawaii their only natural habitat, dominate the lower slopes of the volcano with thick, shadowy canopies resonating with mysterious beauty. Further up the slopes, forests start to fade, until only an exotic scrubland of native alpine brushes dots the landscape with bursts of green and red between the dusty volcanic rocks. The summit overlooks cloud covers stubbornly sticking to the rainforest canopy and gorgeous red peaks scattered in the valley.

Best of all, though, are the dramatic sunrise and sunset displays from the top of Haleakala.

Sure, the incredibly diverse landscape makes for great wedding backdrops. But Haleakala offers its fullest splendor under the vibrant reddish-yellow glare of the sun. The clouds transform into a wispy watercolor of purple and orange, and the moment most couples only dream of blossoms before your very eyes.

It’s only fitting, thus, that our Sunset Blend Rose Petals accentuates the best in Haleakala.

Sunset Blend Petals Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Rose petals add a soft texture to the rocky terrain, and complement the romantic Hawaiian ambience. Red and yellow petals add a bright burn to the landscape, like the sunset is grand enough to actually touch the earth. White petals, like lethargic clouds, contrast gorgeously against radiant oranges and pinks. Purple subtly enriches the rose petal blend, capturing the careful kaleidoscopic glow on the horizon beautifully.

4. Bambu Indah, Bali

Humbling hiding antique Javanese bridal homes in the quiet, ancient jungle, Bambu Indah is a boutique specially made for authentic Balinese bliss. The only resort on our list, Bambu Indah rests inside a gorgeous grove in the forest-thick city of Ubud. A lazily whirring stream lines the bridal houses, and quiet pools around every corner. Voluptuous mountainsides slope in an illusory waterfall of greenery in every direction, landing in rice patty fields like pools across the jungle.

Bali Houses Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Bali Marigold House Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Couple on Bridge Credit: June Bug Weddings

Walking Along the Beaten Path Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Waterworks Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Bali Hillsides  Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Petals! Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Between the thick monochrome emerald of the unending jungle, Bambu Indah is a colorful paradise. Thick, shaggy thatch rooftops and curvaceous bridal houses look like shadowy tree trunks at the base of overwhelming foliage. Garlands of orchids and marigolds jubilantly decorate every doorway. Dark, ultramarine water pools underneath the houses; the bridges and walkways connecting them range from a delicate, ethereal bridge to a dainty, quiet stroll stone-to-stone over the waterway. Petals of every color adorn the walkways. The energy is alive, like it’s completely absorbed the intimate vibrancy of the forest itself.

Our petal blend, the Bill Warriner Petal Blend, idolizes this concept of energizing color in a perfect green scene. 

Bill Warriner Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Warm bicolor rose petals add a cheery, pinky glow to the resort. The yellow undertone of the petals illuminates the forest floor joyously. Meanwhile, smaller, more delicate hydrangea petals peak through the rose petals like wild foliage; the green gives tribute to the jungle, creating a serene completeness to the scene. The color, contrast, and correlation bring everything full circle for a lively, ecstatic event.

3. Lake Louise, Canada

One of the most vividly turquoise alpine lakes in the world, Lake Louise glamorizes the stark Canadian Rockies in a dramatic coalition of earth and water. Resting within Alberta’s Banff National Park, the lake is nestled between a ring of high peaks, and fed by a massive glacier slicing a legacadic rift valley into the Canadian countryside. The Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise offers the picture-perfect vista for the valley from the north-most point of the lake. Looking down from the vista, Mt. Saint Piran and the massive Devil’s Thumb ostentatiously glitter with layers of permafrost and snow on the northern shores of the lake. To the south, the less flamboyant, but equally stunning Fairview Mountain frames the valley. And, to the west, the great Victoria Glacier stands proud, just as beautiful as the queen it’s named after.

Lake Louise Fairmont Photo Credit: Fairmont

Lake Louise Bride Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Happy Couple Against Lake Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Evergreens Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Sunset Over the Mountains Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

But Lake Louise makes a special impact on visitors. Most alpine lakes accent the gorgeous peaks around, complimenting them and creating a crystal clear still-life image. Like a serene, visceral postcard that sucks you in and never let go.

However, Lake Louise reverses that notion: instead of the water accenting the high peaks, the high peaks and glacier perfectly emphasize the beauty of the lake! Since the lake is such a deep turquoise, it’s the first thing that captures eyes and attention. Slowly, the white snow of Victoria Glacier comes into focus, like a wicked icy fortress built in celebration of the lake’s jewel-like beauty and splendor. The soft evergreens dotting the mountainsides contrast the gorgeous hue. When you look up at the sky, even it pales in comparison to the impossibly intense blue of Lake Louise.

Thus, since the lake colorfully lights up the area, it only makes sense to make a spectacle of contrast with Bewitched Rose Petals.

Bewitched Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

While the color is somewhat foreign to the natural area, these pink petals add to the flamboyant extravagance of the lake. The dusty color pops exquisitely against the turquoise waters. Soft rose petals add a gentle lover’s touch to the harsh, rocky wilderness. And, of course, pink notably adds romance and affection to nearly any area.

But it’s surprisingly best to add such an alien touch to a distinct, iconic world because it symbolizes the adaptability of you and your partner. It showcases your ability to make the world your own, while still paying homage and respect to it. Instead of just adding to the look of the lake, you emphasize your own relationship and style against such a spectacular backdrop. It shows that, yes, the world is beautiful, but you and your lover have more beauty to add to it, rather than just taking it in. In short? Lake Louise offers the romantic getaway, while we offer the symbolic statement of the splendor of your love.

2. Yosemite Valley, California

If the auspicious presence of glaciers can create glamour and flamboyance, then ancient art left by nature’s best glacial sculptors, like Yosemite Valley, has to be something truly prolific to behold. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, this National Park needs little introduction. Yosemite is located in the western half of the Sierra Nevada’s, comfortably nestled in Northern California near the towns of Mariposa and Oakhurst. In popular art and media, Yosemite and its iconic landmarks, including Half Dome and El Capitan, are some of the most referenced natural monuments in the world. Ansel Adams made his name alongside the soaring granite peaks and churning rivers. Hikers visit the valley religiously, and its grandeur attracts one of the largest international tourist populations to the United States every year.

Yosemite Valley Photo Credit: Bay City Guide

Valley Glacier Point Couple Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Lake at the Base of the Valley  Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Redwoods in Yosemite Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Yosemite Valley Snuggles Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

While Glacier Point, the most famous high vista of the entire valley, creates a spectacular backdrop, the true beauty of Yosemite lies deep in the forest floor. Even though tourists buzz excitedly around every corner, the ambience drips with undisturbed wild. Massive, careening waterfalls, most notably Bridal Veil Falls in the right of the valley and Yosemite Falls in the left, constantly hum and trill on the edge of your hearing as they powerfully cascade gallons of water hundreds of feet down towards the rocky riverbed below. The mist caresses your face the closer you get to each waterfall, while the Merced river carries the fallen water through a mass of vicious, rocky rapids running alongside the entire valley. Evergreens primarily make up the greenery, though radiant wildflowers appear in the dense brushes.

But, of course, the signature of the valley reaches sky-high. Sleek, stern granite peaks rise in every direction, cut into dramatic crags in impossible shapes of hundreds of thousands of years of glacial sculpting as a mountain of ice dragged through the landscape. The peaks look unlike any other. Few trees adorn them, as the granite is nearly impenetrable. Rich dusty gray creates gorgeous contrast against the sky. Each distinctly has a personality, and, if you stare at them long enough, you start to form a unique relationship with everyone.

Here’s where things get interesting though: the best petals, surprisingly enough, are our Deep Purple Lilac Petals.

Deep Purple Lilac Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

No flower petals quite fit the gray granite peaks; however, they can reminisce about the valley shadowed by the mountains! All over the valley floor, lilac bushes brush with gorgeous pinks and purples, painting pops of unexpected color to add to the scene. Additionally, in the wild world of thick evergreen forests and proud peaks, nothing adds a soft touch quite as well as lilac. The deep, rich purple petals dramatically contrast against the sweeping serenity of the valley, and make the wilderness seem happier than usual. It takes one of the most magical places on earth from joyous to being absolutely blissful.

1.Maroon Bells, Colorado

While Pikes Peak is fondly referenced as “America’s mountain,” nothing says Colorado quite as clearly as the Maroon Bells. Inside of the craggy Elk Mountain range, a smaller subsection of the Colorado Rockies, the Bells are easily the most photographed--and photogenic, for the matter--mountains in the area. Aspen, the popular ski and food and wine town, lies just below these incredible peaks, about 10 miles away. From the most popular vista, alongside Crater Lake and its popular hiking trails, the Maroon Bells is actually made up of two separate peaks: Maroon Peak, at 14,163 feet in elevation, and North Maroon Peak, at 14,019 feet. Both peaks, as well as several others in the immediate vicinity, are an explosively popular rarity for mountaineers, known as a 14er. As the name entails, these are peaks rising at least 14,000 feet in elevation--which makes for some absolutely stunning views.

Crater Lake Overlook Photo Credit: USDA

Bride by Aspens Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Aspen Trees in Winter Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Maroon Bells Couple Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Maroon Bells Backdrop Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Because the peaks climb so high, standing at the base near Crater Lake takes your breath away. The peaks look powerful, ancient, grandiose, yet not quite imposing. An odd comfort comes from standing at the base of mountains that outlive legacies and generations, nations and empires. Like nothing you ever do, nothing you ever say, can ever affect the world as prolifically as a cluster of mountains. As for the aesthetic itself? Similar to Yosemite’s granite peaks, few trees adorn the mountains; however, the sheer exposure of the mountainside, along with the rocky and rugged terrain, creates a mysticism few other places in the world possess. In actuality, since the Rockies, especially in Colorado, comprise one of the oldest ranges on Earth, they are no longer growing; instead, the rocky nature comes from these glorious peaks slowly crumbling back into the dirt from whence they came. Because of this, Maroon Bells features a unique, characteristic stature that’s both unimaginable and unforgettable. These mountains have personalities, rather than just looking like another peak in the range.

The true show-stopper, though, comes in autumn. And yes, I know, seasons should technically be excluded from this list, but color is quite literally Colorado’s namesake. It’s the land of a thousand different hues and tones, and the best time of year to experience it comes in late fall, when all of the aspen trees light the mountains ablaze in a syncopated symphony of radiant reds, oranges, and yellows. In-between the colorful aspens, evergreens peak out, refreshingly adding rich greens, emeralds, and viridians to the scenery. And, with the high elevation, comes a layer of snow and permafrost in the crooks and crannies of the peaks, which accents their attractively rugged slopes even more. And, at the base of all of this pristine beauty, the lake subtly reflects the still image of the peaks, as well as the brilliant, show-stopping festival of color for a perfect finishing touch.

While Maroon Bells can be overwhelmingly colorful, we don’t recommend overpowering the scene with rainbows. Instead, be subtle like the lake and add in a touch of Allan’s Sunshine Petal Blend.

Allan’s Sunshine Photo Credit: Flyboy Naturals

Made up of a gorgeous mix of primrose yellow rose petals and limey green hydrangea petals, this blend is one of my favorites we offer. There’s such sweetness to it, such softness, while still resonating with vibrant beauty. This softness gorgeously contrasts the harsh, rugged mountains behind the scene, while complementing the overgrown forest, filled with a thousand different variations of green and the most spectacularly golden yellow autumnal leaves. The blend reminisces about the sunlight slowly streaming through the dense Colorado forest, dappling the floor with little drops of sunshine. Against the wickedly white peaks and the crystal clear waters of the lake, the blend helps create magic in such a peaceful, quiet place.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen!  These petals certainly help capture a respectful, honorary color palette these locals.  Ultimately, that’s the biggest ideal necessary for petals and places. Find a place filled to the brim with a personality you love, see what petal best fits its character, and have your event fueled by the most beautiful places in the world. After all, marriage is a celebration of love and beauty--why not make the most of it?

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