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Assorted FLOWER Preserved Freeze Dried Petal Blend

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Our Eco-friendly, Assorted Flower Petals Blend is a carefully chosen blend of freeze-dried petals, crafted to capture a whimsical, fairytale ambience to events. Voluptuous rose petals fill the blend with silky, princess pinks and velvety, sensuous reds, like vivid wildflowers in a woodland grove. Star-shaped hydrangea petals speckle the blend with cool, crisp blues and vibrant greens reminiscent of high tree canopies. Brilliant, sunny peony petals appear as warm sunshine trickling through the treetops to dapple the forest floor. Luscious lavender petals add an ethereal, magical mystique to the blend, making it serene and elegant. This spectacular, romantic wedding petal blend is ideal for decorating and embellishing wedding aisles, as well as adding a spark of color to a sweet, intimate occasion.

Wedding Petals. Rose Petals. Flower Petals. Wedding Confetti. Flower Confetti. Real Flower Petals. Proposal Petals.

Color & flowers may vary from what is shown on your monitor. Approximately 55 per cup

15 cups = 825 petals
30 cups = 1870 petals
60 cups = 3,630 petals
120 cups = 7,040 petals
240 cups = 13,750 petals
300 cups = 16,500 petals. Approximate weight 4-5lbs

Non-staining, Not slippery, all natural, eco-friendly, bio-degradable & affordable!
Flyboy's petals are the preferred choice of most venues & event planners!



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