Art Installation UCC-2- June 2010

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"Art Installation: Earthworks piece is to create a "flowerfall" out on the grassy stair steps infront of the Swanson Amphitheatre. Our "flowerfall" consists of flower petals of a variety of different colors.

Our piece signifies the change within the flow of life"

"We are a group of Art students in a Design class out at Umpqua Community College. We are doing an earthworks piece and we were wondering if we would be able to get a donation of flower petals for this project." YOU BET! We are happy to help out with a donation! "Thank you soooo much! Your petals helped out soo much. We thought they might blow away but it was all still out there this morning through the wind and rain. Here are some pictures. i have some of the set up as well if you'd like those or even if you wanted some more! The names of the group memebers are Jacqui Audiss, Kayla Norton, Kyle Richardson, and Daysha Thanks again!