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What our Customers Say

5 Stars! Private User said..."We learned about freeze dried petals from a friend and they worked perfectly in our decor as hurricane vase filler, fill in table decor, and flower girl petals. Flyboys' 'bridal budget' section offered lots of color choices, were very affordable, and arrived in better shape than represented in online pictures. The option to get a sample was particularly helpful. We ordered a month in advance, delivery was quick, and after following the easy storage instructions they looked just as great the day of the wedding as the day received." 1.6.2017

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​Going Green in 2017 with Flyboy Naturals

Posted by Faryn Kapala | Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals on

Going Green in 2017 with Flyboy Naturals

In our last blog we reviewed 5 wedding trends we expect to see in 2017! One of the top predictions was for GREENERY GALORE. With The Pantone Color Institute naming “Greenery 15-0343” the color of the year we expect to see greenery abound this year. What better way to kick off the New Year, than showing you how Flyboy Naturals can help you Go Green in 2017!

Fresh-Cut Green Hydrangeas

Our hydrangeas are large, showy flowers with clusters of star-shaped flowers packed together creating beautiful round heads. Hydrangeas are thought to have been originally discovered in Japan, but the Greek name comes from “hydor” meaning water and “angos” meaning jar or vessel, combined this translate to “water barrel” and describes the hydrangeas need for plenty of water.

Florists love their woody stems that are easy to work with, sturdy and great for use in wedding bouquets. These flowers are so large that just a few stems can create a stunning bouquet or centerpiece. Hydrangeas are said to symbolize gratefulness and pride and are often used in celebrating the 4th Wedding Anniversary. Our fresh cut green hydrangea flowers are seasonal and typically available from June through October. All of our flowers are fresh-cut per order and shipped directly from our farm to you.

Image Credits: Wedding Chicks

Green Hydrangea Petals & Blends

Flyboy Naturals also offers at least 19 hydrangea petal, rose petal, or lilac petal blends with green in them! For a solid green check out “GREEN Hydrangea Petals.” Add some blue and lavender to the mix with our “Hydrangea Petals #3” for a beautiful pastel blend. If pinks and purples better suit your wedding theme we also offer the “Assorted Colors Dried Peony & Hydrangea Petals.” Our “Assorted Flower Petals” blends together rose, lilac, peony, and hydrangea petals into a highly sought after and colorful blend! Check out all the green-themed blends below to pick the one that’s just right for your wedding!


Flyboy Naturals petals are all natural, eco-friendly, non-staining, not slippery, biodegradable and they are not harmful to the environment. You can feel good about using these petals that are grown on our family owned and operated farm in the Pacific Northwest in a climate and location that is ideal for growing and naturally produces beautiful flowers, receives plenty of rainfall and uses wind energy. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at our farm here. We use wind energy for the processing of our freeze-dried products through our participation in Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Wind Power renewable energy program. Renewable wind energy generates zero carbon dioxide emissions! In addition, we participate in Eden’s Natural Choice - a certified green pest-control program, designed to control unwanted insects and pests while reducing the impact on the environment. We also strive to use recycled materials wherever possible in our paper and cardboard packaging.

Our petals cost less than fresh petals and you receive petals that last for many months rather than just a few hours. They can be reused, composted/recycled and repurposed into a number of memorable treasures. Check out our blogs with plenty of ideas on how to Preserve, Reuse and Repurpose your petals here and here.

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​Watch Our Flyboy Natural Peonies Bloom

Watch Our Flyboy Natural Peonies BloomThe highly sought after peony is officially blooming and shipping out to customers all across the nation, right now, just in time for Mother’s Day! Order yours today! Peonies are adored for their sturdy green foliage, sweet floral fragrance, and large, romantic blooms. Brides love peonies as they easily fill a bouquet and are considered [...]

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Behind the Scenes at Flyboy Naturals FarmWe are well into Spring here at Flyboy Naturals, one of our favorite times of year when the farm literally springs back to life after a cool Oregon winter. Our farm is located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, aptly named for the groves of Oregon Myrtle trees growing nearby. We have had some surprisingly warm [...]

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​Freeze Dried Petals from Flyboy Naturals Delivered Around the World

Freeze Dried Petals from Flyboy Naturals Delivered Around the WorldDid you know that at Flyboy Naturals we ship our Freeze Dried Petals all the way across the world to many countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, Iceland and Norway?! Because our rose petals are long lasting, they easily survive long trips across the [...]

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Baby It's Cold Outside...

Baby It's Cold Outside...A winter wedding can really heat things up when it's oh so cold outside!Just imagine this awesome photo with our Bridal Red Rose Petals sprinkled about...Stunning!Bridal red rose petals http://www.flyboynaturals.com/bridal-red-preserved...Perfect for a winter wedding, proposal & even Valentine's day. They are freeze dried which preserves the petals for many months...even years in some cases.Bonus...they are [...]

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