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5 Stars! Private User said..."We learned about freeze dried petals from a friend and they worked perfectly in our decor as hurricane vase filler, fill in table decor, and flower girl petals. Flyboys' 'bridal budget' section offered lots of color choices, were very affordable, and arrived in better shape than represented in online pictures. The option to get a sample was particularly helpful. We ordered a month in advance, delivery was quick, and after following the easy storage instructions they looked just as great the day of the wedding as the day received." 1.6.2017

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​Pantone 2017 Cool Color Palette

Posted by Sarah Johnson | Flyboy Naturals on

Pantone 2017 Cool Color Palette

While the sultry, warm colors from the Pantone 2017 Fall and Winter release are significant, bold, and beautiful, nothing compliments the slow chill creeping into the air like the cool colors lining the palette. They act as scene-setting neutrals. Warmer colors can pop extraordinarily against them, creating dynamic season events, while pairing with other cool colors makes an intimate, introverted event ideal for the upcoming winter months. Just like their counterparts, we're excited to see these stunning colors come to life in the months to come.

Image Source: Pantone

Navy Peony

Image Source: Boston Design Guide

Navy Peony pays tribute to solidity and sincerity. Soothing waves of deep, enchanting blue tell deep-sea tales, both mysterious and enticing. Still, it's comforting, reassuring that other colors in the palette are bolder and brighter than ever. Navy Peony adds stability and confidence to events, bringing a gorgeous depth to the seasonal change.

While we do not offer flower petals in a Navy Peony shade, we highly recommend our Bridal White|Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals for a dramatic winter scene. They are a perfect choice of rose petals for a winter wedding. 

Image Source: Flyboy Naturals

Neutral Gray

Image Source: Pantone

Easily to calmest shade in the palette, Neutral Gray effortlessly boasts aristocratic pride.

It sits just between urban pewter and delicate silver, creating a modern, sophisticated look. Neutral Gray creates gorgeous, metallic arrangements; paired with other shades in the palette, it coerces elegance and chic decor.

While we do not offer flower petals in a Neutral Gray shade, we recommend Kelsey's Blend Freeze Dried Rose Petals to enhance the contemporary ambiance.

Image Source: Flyboy Naturals

Shaded Spruce

Image Source: Pantone

Just like its name suggests, Shaded Spruce is reminiscent of blue spruce trees growing deep in the Rocky Mountains. It's a powerful, yet non-threatening color, filled with soft blue tones over a sturdy green base. Shaded Spruce is unassuming, humble, and quiet. It whispers, “Out with turbulent, explosive colors; in with the cool and introspective.”

While we do not offer flower petals in a Shaded Spruce shade, we recommend our Stargazer Romance Freeze Dried Merlot Red Rose Petals for an intimate, quietly extraordinary event.

Image Source: Flyboy Naturals

Golden Lime

Image Source: Pantone

Golden Lime is a strange color; it radiates with warmth, while still offering a cool, refreshing color. It's like a tall glass of limeade in the late afternoon, with gentle rays of golden sunshine twinkling through the translucent liquid. Its juice, and deliciously tangy. Golden Lime adds a sudden, but not overwhelming, bit of warmth to the coolest parts of the palette.

To build a striking, lively event based strictly on this color palette release, we recommend our Bill Warriner Freeze Dried Rose Hydrangea Petals. It perfectly meshes golden-lime hydrangea petals with delicate, dainty ballet slipper rose petals.

Image Source: Flyboy Naturals


Image Source: Pantone

Even though it’s a cool, wintry shade, there's nothing still or calm about Marina. It's the dynamic, spontaneous blue painted on shabby-chic shacks alongside ports and beaches. It offers a chipper take on cool colors, as well as makes a striking impression. Marina is direct and hopeful, promising pristine beauty in a traditionally colorless season.

While we do not offer flower petals in a Marina shade, we recommend our Bridal Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals for a joyous, jubilant celebration among the quiet snowy throngs of winter.

Image Source: Flyboy Naturals

The 2017 Fall and Winter Color Palette is one of my favorites. It’s exciting, exotic mixture of color creates a profound, unique twist on normal seasonal color trends. It indulges our senses with old classics, while still offering something new and refreshing. With this gorgeous a palette, it's bound to be an exciting, fulfilling upcoming season!

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