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5 Stars! Private User said..."We learned about freeze dried petals from a friend and they worked perfectly in our decor as hurricane vase filler, fill in table decor, and flower girl petals. Flyboys' 'bridal budget' section offered lots of color choices, were very affordable, and arrived in better shape than represented in online pictures. The option to get a sample was particularly helpful. We ordered a month in advance, delivery was quick, and after following the easy storage instructions they looked just as great the day of the wedding as the day received." 1.6.2017

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​Pantone Spring/Summer Color Palette 2018

Posted by Sarah Johnson|Flyboy Naturals on

Pantone Spring/Summer Color Palette 2018

Even though they come back every year without fail, I find there’s an uncompromising sense of joy that follows the family of robins that has hijacked the ancient crab apple tree in my backyard. They’re infinitely more omniscient than anyone I’ve ever met. The first day their fluttering chirps fill the early morning air always matches with the first day the trees start to pop out tiny green sprouts and dormant flower bushes begin to stretch out their leafy extremities. The weather starts to take a lazy turn. Even on days where the mountains roll a windy chill down into town, the sunlight still seems more warm and pristine than in wintertime.

But, even more exciting than robins or sunshine is the colors. Spring reminds the world of the joy of color, and heralds the coming beauty of the summer months just down the road. Of course, this yearly return to bolder, warmer colors would be incomplete without Pantone guiding the way. Recently, the fashion company released its predictions for spring and summer color trends in 2018, and its choices are absolutely spectacular. While 2017 was a year filled with all shades of blue and green, 2018 is packed with pinks, purples, and the best and brightest complements in between. It will lend to an exciting high wedding season specializing in high-contrast and glamour. Best of all, it will lead to new looks and ideas for upcoming weddings. Just take a look and be inspired!

Meadowlark is a brilliant yellow that is perfect for adding a bold accent to weddings. It is a color that radiates with optimism; it makes weddings feel warmer, as well as gives them an aura of cheerfulness. Pair with colors like Little Boy Blue and Cherry Tomato for an unforgettably bold arrangement, or pair with colors like Blooming Dahlia and Almost Mauve for something more dainty and feminine. Try our Sparks Will Fly Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals Meadowlark petals.

Cherry Tomato is a friendly red that makes events feel spontaneous and joyful. Like many other reds, this hue burns with intensity. It exudes vibrancy, and ensures that nobody will be forgetting your decor anytime soon. Pair with colors like Meadowlark and Arcadia for a unique, over-the-top look, or pair with colors like Blooming Dahlia and Chili Oil for a more classic, romantic event. Use petals like our Bridal Red Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals for a fresh Cherry Tomato touch at your event.

Little Boy Blue is a soft mix between denim blue and baby blue that functions as a unique, yet stunning, neutral in arrangements. It is a soft color, but is also spry and versatile. In arrangements, it looks crisp, cool, and clean. Pair with colors like Arcadia and Almost Mauve for an unexpected woodland-inspired event, or pair with colors like Ultra Violet and Pink Lavender for a more ethereal look. While we do not have a blend of petals that is strictly in Little Boy Blue, blends like our 4 Hydrangea Preserved Freeze Dried Hydrangea Petals can help you achieve this lovely hue.

Chili Oil is a rich mix of terracotta, brown, and burgundy hues that are ideal for adding depth and contrast to arrangements. It is a rich and diverse color, but works best for adding a touch of moodiness to events. Pair with colors like Almost Mauve and Pink Lavender for a summertime twist on classic burgundy and blush arrangements, or pair with Little Boy Blue and Blooming Dahlia for an eccentric, youthful look. Try using our Hot Cocoa Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals to add this sultry hue to your event.

Pink Lavender is a perfect mix of baby pink and lavender. Pink Lavender is perfect for soft, classic events. It is often called the “grown up” version of pink, and is known for its gentle, feminine presence. Pair with colors like Ultra Violet and Spring Crocus for a mysterious monochrome look, or pair with colors like Emperador and Cherry Tomato for a striking, high-contrast event. Use our Bewitched Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals to add this delicate hue to aisles and countertops at your event.

Blooming Dahlia is the perfect mid-point between coral and peach, making it usable in nearly any bright summertime arrangement. It is a lively, spontaneous color, with just the right amount of dainty pink in it so that it is not overwhelmingly bright. Pair with colors like Chili Oil and Arcadia for gorgeous boho-chic events, or pair with colors like Emperador and Almost Mauve for a soft vintage look. To add this amazing color to your event, try our Alluring Pink Petals for guests to toss.

Arcadia is an unmistakable emerald green with a silvery-blue sheen over the top, which makes it perfect for greenery-heavy arrangements. It is a fresh and crisp color, and can help arrangements stay dramatic while still heavy with greens. Pair with colors like Lime Punch and Almost Mauve for events with exclusively greenery, or pair with colors like Cherry Tomato and Meadowlark for an event bursting with joyful colors.

Ultra Violet is a gorgeous, deep purple hue that’s just a few shades off from indigo, and works ideally for adding depth and intrigue to arrangements. It is a mysterious color that feels majestic, even magical, when used in events. Pair with colors like Pink Lavender and Little Boy Blue for a romantic, timeless event, or pair with colors like Almost Mauve and Meadowlark for a high-contrast, creative event. Try using our Unique Flower Petals and Blends: Deep Purple Preserved Freeze Dried Lilac Petals to capture this stunning hue.

Emperador is a rich, milk chocolate-brown that helps add an earthy neutral to arrangement. It is a stabilizing color, with an aura of simplicity and naturalness that is both unique and extremely unexpected. Pair with colors like Almost Mauve and Blooming Dahlia for a strong, modern event, or pair with colors like Blooming Dahlia and Chili Oil for something a bit more passionate and sultry.

Almost Mauve is an incredibly soft, creamy pink with slight Marsala undertones, which make it a perfect transition color in arrangements. It is a dreamy, romantic hue that balances moodiness and daintiness with unbelievable ease. This also means it is exceptionally versatile and can be used in nearly any type of event. Pair with colors like Lime Punch and Arcadia for a fresh and vibrant event, or pair with colors like Chili Oil and Blooming Dahlia for a more romantic look. Try our Porcelana Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals to incorporate into your event.

Spring Crocus is a brilliant mix between hot pink and lavender that is perfect for adding a joyful touch to high-contrast arrangements. It is an eccentric, wistful hue that adds an air of creative and spontaneity to events. Pair with colors like Lime Punch and Little Boy Blue for a chic summertime look, or pair with colors like Pink Lavender and Ultra Violet for a timeless monochromatic style. Use our Fuchsia Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals to add Spring Crocus to your event.

Lime Punch is an exciting and eccentric mix somewhere between limeade and lemonade, making it ideal for high-impact greenery arrangements. It is a vibrant color that exudes both crispness and uniqueness, making it a highly versatile hue. Pair with colors like Almost Mauve and Arcada for a greenery event with lots of contrast, or pair with colors like Little Boy Blue and Cherry Red for an unforgettably bold, colorful look.

Enjoy getting creative with these fabulous new colors!








Cherry Red







Little Boy Blue










Chili Oil







Pink Lavender







Blooming Dahlia
















Ultra Violet
















Almost Mauve







Spring Crocus








Lime Punch






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